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Secondary market for digital game assets

Longtail for the gaming guilds.

W3 Play - Centralize what is Decentralized

W3Play – Centralize what is Decentralized 


Web3 gaming is moving fast. Initially it started with a premium model where players had to pay to earn and that is now quickly moving to a play and earn model on top of free to play in order to get widest possible adoption.

Centralize, what is decentralized – W3 Play

We will become the best central destination to discover play to earn games:

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Entertainment and all the big tech companies and technology behind it. Hyper Casual Games and the game studio’s that lead the way. Mobile games, PC games and Console Games and their vision on cloud gaming, streaming, esports and gamer communities. Online digital entertainment like movies, music, concerts, art and top brands such as fashion and much more that connect with video games in the metaverse.

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