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China Game developments. 

Some exciting developments happening in the gaming industry where some veterans have joined hands to make an independent gaming studio and TikTok maker ByteDance is ready to challenge the gaming hegemon in China. Get ready as we will be pouring down a lot of exciting game-industry information in this piece.

Other Gaming News; A group of industry veterans is collaborating to create Yellow Brick Games; an independent gaming studio in Quebec City, Canada. These veterans are from the likes of Bioware and Ubisoft and the team includes Mike Laidlaw, Thomas Giroux, Jeff Sakalsi, and Frederic St-Laurant B. Mike Laidlaw worked as the Creative Director of the Dragon Age franchise at Bioware for more than 14 years. And most recently he was a part of Ubisoft as Creative Director.

Mike Laidlaw is joined by Thomas Giroux, Jeff Skalski, and Frederic St-Lauren B, all of them collectively have extensive experiences at Bioware, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts. Giroux will lead the studio as the CEO with Skalski as COO and executive producer. Yellow Brick Games said that its focus will be on the “craftsmanship approach” and not the AAA structure. Moreover, they are also of the view that their endeavor will “further cement the region’s leading role in the global entertainment scene.”

Another exciting update is from China where ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, is eyeing to challenge Tencent’s dominance in the gaming industry by introducing a Danjuan Games and indie publisher Pixmain. Danjuan Games, a new mobile-only game store, was launched in October this year and is full of casual games and side scrollers. And just after a month, ByteDance revealed Pixmain at the WePlay Game Expo in Shanghai.

Gaming News; Exciting developments coming from China and some other Game Industry Veterans

Gaming News; Exciting developments coming from China and some other Game Industry Veterans – China Game developments

ByteDance has now a total of five independently developed indie games studios in the works. ByteDance is expanding at a considerable pace in the gaming industry and is investing heavily to solidify its presence among the major players in the gaming market. Danjuan Games and Pixmain have now joined Nuverse, PixDance, and Ohayoo among other gaming studios owned by ByteDance.

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