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DFC Intelligence; More than 40% of world population now play video games

DFC Intelligence has shared an eye-popping report that there are more than 3 billion people worldwide that play video games. That, my fellow gamers, is some serious numbers because Earth has a total population of 8 billion; this means that 40% of the world population is video game consumer of some sort. Another interesting insight this report gives is that the fastest-growing category of video game consumers is on mobile phones.

DFC Intelligence; More than 40% of world population now play video games

DFC Intelligence; More than 40% of world population now play video games

The report also sheds light on the dedicated gamers; of 3.1 billion people there are approximately 8% who are dedicated console players and this category has the record of highest per-user spending.

Moving on, we have PC gamers that account for 1.5 billion which means about 48%, but it is to be noted that this figure overlaps with gamers that also use mobile devices and consoles for gaming.

DFC further breaks down the gamer demography and puts forth some interesting information about these gamers. The largest number of video game consumers live in the Asia region with 1.42 billion consumers.


Europe comes second with 668 million gamers, Latin America third with 383 million, and North America fourth with 261 million consumers.

Furthermore, if we take the above information and chalk out the mobile-only users, we get some fascinating results; Asia leads by a colossal margin and consists of 53%, Europe has only 17%, Latin America 11%, MENA region 7% and North America only 4%.

Now let’s talk about what this huge population of 3.1 billion people playing; the past month July 2020 shows that the best selling game was Ghost of Tsushima followed by COD: Modern Warfare and then Paper Mario: The Origami King. This list does not include mobile games or free to play games like Fortnite.

And we take the best-selling games of all time; Diablo III with 30 million milestones, Wii sports resort with 33.09 million, Mario Kart Wii with 37.14 million, Super Mario Bros with 40 million-plus, Pokemon 45 million+, PUBG 50 million+, Wii sports 82.86 million, GTA V 110 million, Minecraft 200 million+, and lastly the most timeless video game ever; Tetris with 500 million+.

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