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Roblox sued for millions in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Roblox, a popular platform for young gamers and kids, is facing a $200 million lawsuit from various music publishers. The National Music Publishers Association has sued Roblox on behalf of music publishers for using music content without consent or licensing. The Association is seeking $200 million in damages.

Moreover, the Association also alleges that the kids gaming platform intentionally and “actively encourages” its users and players to use the music in their games. The users have used the music of artists like Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande, and more without seeking their permission and paying the licensing fees.

“That Roblox’s platform has become a repository for sharing unlicensed commercial music is no accident,” according to the lawsuit. “Ro-blox actively encourages its users to upload and share popular music to make the games on its platform more appealing and attractive to its young audience, fully aware that it has not obtained the necessary permissions.”

The president of NMPA further added, “hundreds of millions of dollars by requiring users to pay every time they upload music onto the platform — taking advantage of young people’s lack of understanding about copyright — and then they take virtually no action to prevent repeat infringement or alert users to the risks they are taking.”

The main cause of concern from the plaintiff is stated in the suit as “Roblox unabashed exploitation of music without proper license.” The suit also stated that the kids gaming platform uses thousands of human moderators to review each audio file uploaded by the users.

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Moreover, searching for the names of certain music artists is not allowed on the platform. However, the kids gaming platform has allowed certain loopholes which users use to upload copyrighted music. The Association wrote, “The gaming company is aware of this wide practice, and has nonetheless conditioned its users to believe that making minor modifications to an audio file nullifies copyright protections.”

There isn’t any response from the company yet, keep following our blog for recent updates.


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