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Sony has announced 6 new PSVR games.

Some more exciting and promising games are making their way to you. Get ready to hunt, survive escape rooms, and blaze guns while skiing.

This new slate of games includes titles from a few successful VR studios and a couple of newcomers. These new six PlayStation VR games also include the much-awaited VR adaptation of Doom 3.

PSVR games Announced By Sony PlayStation Including The Stunning Doom 3

PSVR games Announced By Sony PlayStation Including The Stunning Doom 3

Next-gen console PS5

Moreover, last month Sony also announced a new generation of PSVR for its next-gen console PS5. This time there are few upgrades like a redesigned controller, a single cord (previous cable box), and a high-resolution screen.

However, Sony is yet to reveal any details related to the headset and it is projected that the device isn’t scheduled for 2021. So, the games we will discuss today will be playable on PSVR.

Doom 3 VR

First, we have the much anticipated VR game; Doom 3 VR. It is the only game with an announced launch date and is set to launch on March 29th for PS4 and PS5. The game is a “retooled” port of the original 2004 Doom and its two expansions, designed for PSVR’s gun-like Aim accessory.

Sony revealed new PS5 VR controllers - Best Video Gaming News 2021

Sony revealed new PS5 VR controllers – Best Video Gaming News 2021PSVR games

Delayed By Pandemic

Next up on the list is the game created by Vertigo Games; After The Fall. The game is a cooperative follow-up to zombie VR shooter Arizona Sunshine. After The Fall was expected to launch last year but due to the pandemic, it got delayed.

The third game on the list is a sequel to a massive hit I Expect You To Die. This game is all about an escape room full of spy-themed puzzles. Let’s see if I Expect You To Die 2 will carry on the popularity graph of this IP.


Next, we have Fracked developed by nDreams. This game uses a sports plus guns formula where you will blaze guns while skiing, and ziplining.

The last two games are Song in the Smoke made by 17-Bit and Zenith an anime-influenced VR MMO.

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