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In today’s video gaming news, we bring you an upcoming blockchain game with many expectations and promise attached to it. We will review Illuvium Overworld’s beta test and see what the game offers. Illuvium released Overworld’s beta this past week. For those who don’t know about the game, it is a free-to-play, playand-earn, open-world collection battler blockchain game. The game takes inspiration from Pokemon, where you capture, collect, train, and battle your Illuvials. You can also explore its vanquished vast world to gather resources. In the game trilogy, Illuvium also sets a standard by being the world’s first blockchain technology that can work with other systems. So, as a player, you will play and own in-game assets across multiple games.

Illuvium Overworld Beta Review

As it is only the beta version, there are a lot of features that are not in the game at the moment. The beta version is miles away from the final product, so let’s see what the beta has in store for us.

Illuvium Overworld Beta Graphics

As soon as the beta starts, you find yourself on a deserted island that is breathtakingly beautiful. The game offers high-quality graphics with an AAA feel to it. The game environment all throughout the beta looked incredible. The flora and fauna setting and the landscape on the island serve as eye candy for the players. The overall outlook of the open world is simply outstanding in Illuvium Overworld. Also, the way you fight, the slow-motion shot while you’re in the air, and the other motion graphics are all very well done. The motion graphics and sound design and engineering in the battle arena are also very well done. So the graphics and sound are on point.

Illuvium Overworld Beta Game Review: A Blockchain Game That Is Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn
Illuvium Overworld

The Movement

The lack of instructions right from the start made it a bit surprising, as you are on your own to figure out what to do. So, you need to wander the Crimson Waste, but the good thing about the game is that it allows multiple jumps in the air with the help of a jetpack. So, moving around, making quadruple jumps, and flying around on a jetpack makes covering long distances a bit more enjoyable. The game will surely offer to level up your jumping and jetpack as you progress. So, it will get super fun.

Right at the center of the open-world island, we see different consoles showing the leaderboard, forge, inventory, and more. The inventory hosts a player’s minables, equipment, armament, illuvials, and more. You will find different stages on the map, and once you select and enter your location, you can do several different activities. You can go exploring, find resources, mine, forge, shoot orbs in the middle to collect them, and meet other people.

Enter Battle Simulation in Illuvium Overworld

Once you capture an orb, you can enter fights with others by pitching in your best Illuvials. Before entering the fight, you will see the number of opponent Illuvials. This means that you can back out of the fight if you feel you can’t win. Once in a fight, you can position your Illuvials strategically wherever you want. As a result, depending on the energy bar at the top, you will have the opportunity to capture opponent illuvials after winning the battle. The game then takes you back to the stage where you continue to explore, harvest plants, forge, upgrade equipment, collect resources, and fight and capture more illuvials. So, more or less, the game has a certain cycle to it.

Illuvium Overworld Beta Game Review: A Blockchain Game That Is Free-to-Play, Play-and-Earn
Illuvium Overworld. Credit: CopperPitch

However, the most grinding and tedious part of the beta and the game, if I may, is the gathering of resources. Maybe there aren’t many resources in the beta, but it sure did take a lot of time to find one.

Illuvium Overworld NFTs

Illuvium offers NFTs in two forms: virtual land and collectible NFTs. The land NFTs are in the shape of plots in Illuvium Land world. It will provide fuel for players to explore areas in the Illuvium Overworld. So, it looks like people who own virtual land could make money by selling fuel to other players.

As for collectible NFTs, these are Illuvials that fight beside you in a battle arena. However, the final product of the game may announce more NFTs.

How to Play Illuvium Beta?

If you still haven’t got any clue, then head to the official Illuvium website, register yourself, and keep following them on their Discord and other social media channels. It is the holiday season, and you never know when you might get a chance to play the beta in a giveaway. You have until today to grab a spot to play the beta. Enjoy your winter holidays and have a good one.

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