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Cloud Gaming Google Stadia

Cloud Gaming is a method of playing video games with the help of remote hardware.

Cloud Gaming enables you to play high-quality games on your local devices. This difference is that the games are stored on the company’s gaming server, and the game is available to you. Cloud Gaming was not popular a few years ago but now with the developments, it is picking pace and attention.

The world is getting advanced and developed by each passing day. Every day, we see new sublime inventions for the convenience of mankind. Gaming is the best product of technology that is picking pace and spreading like fire. The gaming of today is quite different from that of a few years ago. Among the countless developments of gaming, let’s have a look at Cloud Gaming.

Cloud Gaming Google Stadia

How does Cloud Gaming work?

As mentioned above, Cloud Gaming lets you play any game on your local device, without downloading or installing it. The complete game is stored on the company’s server. You just need to buy its premium membership that costs on monthly or yearly basis. As a result, you can have access to all the games on the server.

Advantage of Cloud Gaming:

You must be thinking what good will it be for you. Cloud Gaming has a number of advantages. Firstly, you don’t have to spend time downloading the game. It will be directly available to you. Secondly, as the game is stored on the server, it can save a large storage of your gaming console or PC. Also, you don’t have to worry about the updates or saving the games. The server manages this feature for you. Including this, you can play any high-end game with the best graphics, high resolution and smooth gameplay without worrying about your own local device specs.

Now let’s have a look at what Google Stadia is.

Google Stadia:

When talking about the best Cloud Gaming services, Google Stadia has a prominent spot in the list. Stadia is a cloud gaming service developed by Google that was released on November 19, 2019.

As discussed above, Google Stadia offers a number of games to its players that can be bought from the Stadia Store or other related game stores. Firstly, the user has to register to a three-month subscription for the first time that changes to monthly after the period. After subscription, all the things needed by the user are a local device, a controller and a good internet connection in order to gain access to high-quality, lag-free gaming. It has been seen that a 10 mbps internet connection is required for 720p resolution with 60 fps. However, for more detailed gameplay like 4K resolution with 60 fps, a 35 mbps connection is required.

Is Google Stadia good or bad?

There are many points that make Google Stadia better than others. We have seen that it provides great gaming performance for hours without heating up the phone or draining the battery. Besides these, it has some cons as well. Firstly, it has a limited game list for its users. Also, as the server develops a problem, they usually remove it that results with the users losing all their game progress. Conclusively, the positive points make it unique over others and make us ignore the cons that can be taken as general factors. So overall, Google Stadia is a good cloud gaming service that is expected to get better with time.