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Today in the gaming news we bring you a digital card sports game featuring football/soccer, NBA, and MLB: Sorare. In Sorare, players can collect and trade digital NFT cards that show real football, NBA, and MLB players. With these cards, you can put together a team to compete against other players in different games. The game features officially licensed clubs and players from around the world, including more than 300 football clubs and all 30 teams from the NBA and MLB. Players can earn rewards and NFTs by performing well in competitions and can also trade their cards with other players on the Sorare marketplace. Overall, Sorare is a unique blend of collectible card game and sports simulation that allows players to experience the excitement of real-life sports through digital means.

Sorare Game Review

Sorare is basically a fantasy football game. To play the game, you need to follow simple steps: create your team from scratch, select your team’s captain, come up with at least 5 players, get your team validated, and participate in the tournament after validating your team. The game takes us back down memory lane to when we collected, traded, and played cards with our favorite footballers. However, this time there is a catch, as these collectible NFT cards of international players are unstealable. The game is run by blockchain, which makes it impossible to steal because the ownership rights can be checked.

So what about the basic setup of the Sorare game?

If we break down Sorare into easy steps, then you only need to do the following:

Build the best deck of cards with the best players.

Enter tournaments, compete against other players, and win valuable rewards and prizes.

Make a profit by trading your cards on the transfer market, either by buying or selling. 

The game Sorare runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has major football giants on its side like Juventus, West Ham United, and Roma. The game also joins hands with France’s national team, the German team, the Belgium Red Devils, and more. The team is working hard on getting more teams on board.

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Sorare Card Game Football Fantasy

Beginning Sorare

  • First up, you need to sign up for the game you want to play. After signing up, you will get 10 common cards.
  • Then, as a new player, you will enter the Rookie League as a manager.
  • After entering the rookie league, build your team by adding at least five cards.
  • Play in four leagues for four weeks and attain the New Manager rank.
  • Keep on building your team by trading cards or winning new cards.

In order to trade in the Sorare market, you need to enter the transfer market and look for players that are up for sale. If any player interests you, then bid by clicking on the bid button. Enter your maximum bid; you need to outbid other players. But remember, everyone wants to buy the player for the cheapest price possible. If bidding isn’t your thing, you can also buy directly from the cards that are for sale. For that, you need to enter the transfer market and head to the Manager Sales option. The prices are final on the sales list, and the listing is active for two days.

SO5 or SoRare Tournaments in the Game

Sorare tournaments, or SO5 fantasy tournaments, are fantasy tournaments requiring five cards per side. Your players on the team need to play well in real life, and the performance calculator is monitored by Opta. So, your team needs:

  • A goalkeeper
  • A forward
  • A defender
  • A midfielder
  • And an extra player of any position

Tournaments in Sorare are free to join, and if you are a beginner, you will face players with the same level and strength as you. Moreover, there is also a pre-tournament auction, which gives you a chance to improve your team. If you finish in the top 30% of the tournaments, then you should expect a Tier 3 rare player. So, as a new player, your chances of growth are better in the game as you can enter multiple leagues. If you finish at the top of the leaderboard, then you will get a super rare player card.

Final Tips and Tricks in Sorare

XP is an important factor in Sorare, as it determines how much a player can improve and how well they perform in games. Higher XP means you have a better chance of winning, so it’s important to think about XP when building your team and choosing players. Keep these tips in mind as you play and you’ll be well on your way to success in Sorare.

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