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Call of Duty Mobile players and fans get ready as COD Mobile announces their second competitive esports this year.

The competitive esports for COD Mobile is set to return this year with its second edition. Activision has slated several plans for this season and teased them in a promotional video. However, there aren’t many details shared about the events at the moment.


Last year’s COD Mobile competitive scene was successful and well-received in the COD community. Several esports enthusiasts and famous professional players took part in the season. Moreover, COD Mobile competitive scene was liked and viewed on Twitch by many. Owing to its popularity, Activision decided to carry the practice and announced the second edition of COD Mobile esports. Activision shared a promotional video that shared highlights from last year’s successful esports season as well as some details about this year’s competitive scene.

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The promotional video highlighted several popular and iconic maps like Shooting Range, Summit, and many others. The continuation of the competitive scene of COD Mobile will surely develop its legacy and add value to the community.

This campaign also resulted in a new hashtag for the title #WeAreCODM. Moreover, developers are also encouraging players to take part in the campaign as well as the upcoming esports scene and become a piece of COD Mobile’s future.

COD Mobile

Needless to say, COD Mobile fans are hyped by the promotional video and are fully supporting the developers. Fans are rallying behind this new promotional effort and are showing tremendous love to the game. Some competitive players have already shown their intentions of winning the COD Mobile world championships.

Call of Duty Mobile has received new updates and in-game content pretty regularly since its launch and continues to do so. These updates will surely expand the game and make it more viable and interesting especially with the upcoming esports season.

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