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PUBG Mobile Launches Karakin, Will this Map become the new Fan Favorite?

PUBG continues to get better and reign supreme in the battle royal genre with the addition of a new map, Karakin. You can try it here!

PUBG Mobile Launches A New Map Called Karakin

PUBG Mobile Launches A New Map Called Karakin

Karakin map features several locales, fresh gameplay elements, new weapons and will host 64 players. The map is available in the game and you can download and play it right away. The in-game support from developers is living up to its name and new content is being introduced periodically as well as consistently. The newest example is the Karakin map that made it to the game after 100 Rhythms.

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Karakin is an interesting map of 64 players that features picturesque mountain ranges, cities, dark undergrounds, a new style of gunplay, and more. The map also holds some key changes which include thin walls that are spread throughout the map. These walls are easily penetrated by bullets, so no hiding behind the walls anymore. This thin wall bullet penetration is the first one of its kind in PUBG Mobile, so beware.

The Karakin map also has a Demolition Zone feature. The Demolition Zone feature introduces a purple area that appears on the mini-map and an alarm will go off. This alarm indicates danger, a perilous situation where random damage can occur to players inside the zone. Even buildings aren’t safe as they too would take damage. In addition, a new projectile weapon also makes its debut; a sticky bomb. And lastly, Panzerfaust also makes its way to the game on the new map.

PUBG Mobile continuously enjoys new content and support from developers. However, with PUBG: New State scheduled to launch soon, it will be interesting to see how many players will migrate. PUBG Mobile will surely give a huge competition to PUBG: New State as it is doing really good at the moment. Nevertheless, PUBG fans are having a blast, whether it is PUBG Mobile or the upcoming PUBG: New State.

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