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Epic Games Store had quite a year in terms of platform success and revenues.

The report shared by Epic has great insights and numbers to flaunt about.

The best thing about the report is that people loved the weekly free games on the platform more than anything else. Let’s dig into the report.

Epic Games recently released its 2020 year in review for Epic Games Store and the report has some staggering numbers in it. The platform had a pretty successful year with a lot of beefed-up figures. The highlight of the report is that over 160 million people have used the platform in 2020 to buy something.

This means that this year a whopping 52 million more people used Epic’s Store when compared to 2019. These 160 million people spent a massive $700 million on the platform. Of which, $265 million was used to buy third party games on the store and $435 million was spent on games published by Epic Games.

Although people spent a lot on the game studio’s published video games but Epic’s Store is known for its free games. Last year, there were more than 103 free games on the platform and if it weren’t for weekly free giveaways, these games would have cost about $2407.

And through 2020, these free games were claimed over a whopping 749 million times.

Furthermore, Epic also shared its most popular games of 2020 with some pleasant surprises. For most of us, Fortnite is no surprise and this game is still doing wonders for the studio.

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Surprise entries in the most popular games of 2020 on the Epic’s Store list are Satisfactory, Snowrunner, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2.

Let’s see how 2021 goes for Epic’s Store with Epic’s planning to introduce some changes about developers. These changes would make it more easier for developers to bring their products to the platform.

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