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MetaGods Game

MetaGods features cutting-edge game mechanics at the forefront of the ongoing GameFi revolution, making it the first 8-bit action role-playing game ever built on the blockchain. Players have access to special characters and skills as well as the ability to customize their NFT avatars. In addition to fending off deadly animals, the MetaGods in-game market also lets players trade virtual goods for real-world currency in exchange for their experiences in epic dungeon boss battles.

MetaGods GameFi Model

Users can stake platform tokens directly through the game’s user interface thanks to the MetaGods GameFi model, which is designed to boost revenue. They can then use the in-game token they have earned to buy stronger weapons and legendary loot or to enhance their character’s NFTs. Through the implementation of GameFi mechanics, this model will also include a significant social component.

Hardcore and casual gaming genres are available on MetaGods. The play to earn features of the game allow casual players to explore the game’s universe and engage in farming. Hardcore mode introduces NFT permadeath (permeant character death) while also increasing APY and legendary loot rates. In this mode, the real fun starts.

Hardcore mode raises the stakes for experienced players. Winners acquire increasingly valuable and rare things, but survival necessitates putting their strongest characters at risk. This is the first time this strategy is in play and will add an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Token System

The two digital coins that make up the MetaGods ecosystem are $MGOD and $RELIC.

Players can buy adventure packs, which come with characters, weapons, and consumables, with the $MGOD token. It will provide an admission charge for raids, competitions, and other special events. The marketplace will also accept $MGOD as payment for all deals.

The game’s marketplace will use the $RELIC token for the purchase of consumables. Moreover, tokens will thrive in the biggest metaverse economy and are achievable over time through staking. The pricing will be stabilized using in-game merchant mechanics.

MetaGods Official Trailer