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Angry Ape Army Game

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Angry Ape Army is a narrative NFT game that revolves around war, breeding, and mining. Each Ape NFT is unique and the game modes will alter as the development progresses.

The game is set to start off with a back story and we might see the story change from season to season as we see in other battle royals like Fortnite and PUBG. But that is just speculation, though what is confirmed is the back story.

Angry Ape Army Back Story

The Apes are thought of as very intelligent creatures that have been witnessing what is happening in the world from a distance. They stood there observing in silence as humanity’s greed, hunger, and lust for power were always destructive, never conservative. But the apes act in accordance with their responsibilities as the world’s protectors and come to the aid when the situation is so dire that there is no chance of recovery.

Early Buyers will have some edge

The OG Ape holders will have full access to the metaverse from early on and the monkey island with more chances of playing, earning, and mining rewards. There will be a total of 3333 OG NFT Apes on offer. Additionally, all owners of OG Apes will receive complimentary mints for upcoming drops. Moreover, having an OG Ape grants you VIP access to a variety of things, including whitelist chances, merchandise, and unique events.


There hasn’t been too much leaked by the team and only a handful of people have played bits of the game. But from what they say and what the trailer shows this game promises an absolute hit. The FPS is expected to be slightly lower than the AAA games we are normally accustomed to. But none of those games can earn you a living.

You can expect a classic Pub G mobile type of gameplay, though the quality might alter in different situations. Your APE NFT will land on the map from the sky and set off to loot for weapons and other utilities to win the game. You will need strategy and skill to win the game. There’s another Ape NFT play to earn game review on our database, click here.


Video & Game Review – Angry Ape Army


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