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The Corona Virus it hitting the game industry?

I am inviting you to come and brainstorm about what this Corona crisis might bring us in the months to come. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare notes/thoughts/ideas.

What can we expect from ourselves, the consumer and more. Corona Virus Check the question below and give me your input in the comments.


1. Are we going to see more revenues in second part of 2020; Corona Virus

2. Or will this decline when people have to get back at work;

3. Will the consumer get fincialy hit by the Corona Virus and will this have an effect on gaming revenues;

4. Big esports companies are seeing digital revenues going up, but event and merchandise revenues going down;

5. Were these esports companies more dependable on offline revenues then online revenues;

6. If we all think people will have less to spend then the following questions;

6.1; Are you launching massively all together in second half year 2020;

6.2; Are the CPI’s going to be too high then;

6.3; Are the lifetime revenues being surpressed by financial difficulties of gaming audience;

6.4; Will people stick to their old love instead of trying another game; Corona Virus

7. Just a thoughts; end of 2020 entrance tickets for esports events will be too expensive!


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