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SkateX Game

The new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game SkateX by Block Tackle promises players a “immersive, intense” experience. SkateX’s NFT (non-fungible token) skateboards, which are currently on sale till later this year, will serve players both within and outside of games.

They have a Pro Skater on their team

Stevie William, a professional skater, joined SkateX as an advisor in April. Williams will offer his opinion on streetwear and skateboard design. He will use his expertise as the creator of the online retailer of skatewear clothing DGK and a lifelong admirer of skater culture in his capacity as an advisor.

Additionally, he will create a unique line of NFT boards for this community. His experience as a skater is essential for bringing authentic board culture into the project’s DNA.

How will players earn?

For now what we know is that players can earn in the game through trading, buying, and selling their boards. In the future, there is a possibility of lending your boards as well. You can upgrade your skateboard NFTs by earning points through playing the game and completing challenges.

Core Gameplay of SkateX

The game will be set in an open metaverse and would require you to master your skills to be the best. You start the game by building an avatar, then you can enter the lobby, you can make friends or join a crew or just randomly skate around to improve your skills.

Players will engage in challenges, learn tricks, participate in tournaments, establish a fanbase, and compete against one other and their crew to earn sponsorships, token awards, and other thrilling benefits.

Free to Play

You can play the game with or without an NFT, the team has aimed to make the game more accessible to players. The developers say that your ability to win prizes should always be determined by your skill, level of engagement, and community service. Their long-term goal is to maintain the game’s freshness while providing entertaining content. By utilising an open economy, the developers aim to give players control over their assets and provide them the opportunity to create value from the time they spend participating in the ecosystem.

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