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Jungle Freaks Motor Club Game

Jungle Freaks Motor Club: In a post-apocalyptic world, the zombies have overtaken everything except an island, where genetically modified highly intelligent, and powerful gorillas live. The remaining humans have found a place where they can feel safe from the zombies while still trying to attain peace with the strange gorilla creatures.

A collection of car NFTs has been launched to be used in the car racing game set in the same universe. Each car NFT is unique in design and has a real artistic value. The value comes in because of the top artists behind the designs of NFTs.

The Jungle Freaks Motor Club team partners with the Netvrk gaming developers to create a racing game with their metaverse. While JFMC is in the process of creating a play to earn racing game in their own metaverse which consists of five (5) racing tracks. In order to become part of the metaverse, the players shall get their hands on JFMC NFTs.

Each NFT vehicle will be embedded with powerful metadata. This includes the car’s NOS, acceleration, horsepower, top speed, etc. related to the vehicle’s performance.

A player needs the keys to the car and a title document to claim ownership of the JFMC NFT cars. This is useful in participating in future projects of the Jungle Freaks ecosystem. The original Jungle Freak Project consists of 10,000 weird and artistically beautiful gorilla creatures. While the JFMC car collection will include a total of 8,888 uniquely designed NFT cars.

Lastly, the game will be developed on the powerful 3D game development tool, Unreal Engine, and will use the $JUNGLE token for the in-game economy.

Check out the official trailer of Jungle Freaks Motor Club