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Eternal Dragons Game

Playing the Solana blockchain-based game Eternal Dragons lets you earn Ethereum for your accomplishments. The currency of the Eternal Dragons universe, eternium, is also necessary for completing a number of missions. Moreover,  this token will be used for a variety of things, such as leveling up dragons, healing dragons, breeding, collecting competition registration fees, decorating town halls and other buildings, producing resources, mining, performing spells, and potions, and teleporting.

Eternal Dragons Gameplay

The Prologue’s focal point is the NFT collection of 10,000 distinct Eternal Dragons. Therefore, usable in the breeding game. Moreover, this game will set the stage for subsequent games in the series by introducing dragons to the universe.

Ch 1

Strife’s core gameplay is centered on a fun and interesting gameplay system where players enter the arena with their armies of dragons and minions to engage in combat in an automatic chess-style fight.  This fundamental gameplay enables the extension of the dragon NFTs and offers a balanced balance between skill and strategy versus chance.

CH 2

The establishment of a house to support your alliance is the subject of Chapter 2. Players will be able to build groups and alliances in a challenging new environment by utilizing their hard-won resources from Chapter 1:

Ch 3

These coalitions will then be pitted against one another in Chapter 3. Players will be able to command their army as they travel the world in search of answers to the universe’s most important problems, which will provide them the supreme power.

Player Funding Platform

This platform will fuel a new global economy where guilds and players will easily access money, and trade goods. Moreover, to hire people to assist them in competing, growing, and winning. The PFP also seeks to automate a significant portion of the process of creating a guild and launching it as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization through its simple on-chain establishment in-game (DAO). Through this interface, users can also rent NFTs or invest tokens in guilds, aligning incentives with trustworthy and open plans for a shared resource pool and winning revenue sharing. The use of technology automates the allocation of guild funds, enabling participation and collective profit.

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