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Electronic Arts has acquired Playdemic.

In a recent merger and acquisition move, Electronic Arts has acquired Playdemic from Warner Media for $1.4 billion in a deal that only involves cash.

Playdemic is a UK-based studio and is best known for its Facebook game Golf Clash. Playdemic boasts 80 million downloads worldwide of Golf Clash. The studio initially got acquired by RockYou in 2011 but its original owners bought it back again. Shortly after the launch of Golf Clash, the Manchester-based studio was sold to Warner Bros TT Games in 2017.

WB Games president David Haddad said, “We have enjoyed working with the talented team at Play-demic as they have grown Golf Clash beyond all expectations into a hit mobile game with tremendous longevity,” WB Games president David Haddad said. “While we have great respect for the Playdemic team, our decision to divest is a part of our overall strategy to build games based on Warner Bros. storied franchises.”

Last month Warner Media, the parent company of WB Games, announced that it is merging with Discovery in a $43 billion deal. This merger would result after a spin-off move from its parent company AT&T. However, this merger won’t cover all of the publishers’ operations, raising doubts in the mind of the remaining studios. However, the Playdemic acquisition specified that the WB Games portfolio is covered in the deal with Discovery.

Playdemic’s merger with EA won’t result in any layoffs according to an EA representative. The representative further added, “Play-demic has a very experienced team that has worked together since 2014 with strong expertise in mobile games and the clash sports design, and we’re looking forward to working with and learning from their teams and creative leaders.”

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EA is on a Merger and Acquisition spree as Play-demic is its fourth acquisition since December last year. EA acquired Codemasters for $1.2 billion, then it added Glu Mobile to its studios for $2.1 billion in February. Moving on EA acquired Metalhead Software in May and now Play-demic for $1.4 billion.

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