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Plants vs Undead Game

Plants vs Undead is a classic mobile-based tower defense game where you have your army of plants fight the undead and save the Mother Tree. The game is full of the colorful, cartoonish, yet comic landscape which serves as eye candy for the gamers.

The catch here is the plants and gardens that you will build are your NFTs. The game’s in-game currency LE can be converted into PVU tokens to buy other cryptocurrencies. Plants in the game act as NFTs with value based on their rarity. The game starts with 6 free plants and for the rest, players have to build with help of investment in terms of time or money.

The game has Player versus Environment mode where you find yourself in a vast stretch of the open forest world. The objective is to defend the Mother Tree from zombie animals with help of supernatural plants. Moreover, ranked arena matches are part of PVP where the gameplay remains the same with the addition of summoning undead animals against your opponents.

Apart from tower defense, the game is also a farm simulation just like the famous Farmville. The farm mode lets you buy, grow, and harvest plants that will yield Light Energy. However, the combat part is also important when it comes to farming as players need to defend their farms from the undead. As for the economy, the game runs on two economics, PVU the native token of the game, and Light Energy the in-game currency. Both are interchangeable and let players utilize them wherever needed; the real world or the virtual world.

Plants vs Undead is a fun game to play.

Check Out the Official Trailer of Plants vs Undead