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Basic Beasts Game

Basic Beasts is a simple play to earn NFT collectible pet game inspired by Pokemon.

The game offers trading and breeding pixelated pets aiming at the element of play-to-earn along with the fun factor. Developed by a 10-year-old boy with his brother, the game inculcates a changing trend in the WEB3 gaming experience.

The game uses Flow blockchain technology and eyeing a launch window later this year. The game boasts its own marketplace. However, the game is not free-to-play and requires an upfront investment in NFTs.

The  Beasts Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple and can be explained in three steps – collect, evolve, and trade. Players can collect the Basic Beasts in one of many ways like the NFT drops once a month, earning beasts from Discord invite events, buying from a secondary marketplace, and breeding a Basic Beast from a matron and a sire.

The last two options are not available yet but according to the roadmap on the official website, they will be available soon. The Basic Beasts evolve by participating in different missions. However, breeding is possible for only normal skin Beasts, all others will always remain scarce.

Beast Levels

There are three levels of a Beast with level 1 being the lowest and level 3 being the highest. Just like a Pokedex, which is a manual of all the Pokémon, the Basic Beasts has a Dexicon comprised of 151 legendary Beasts. The developers also plan on releasing skins.

Basic Beasts Tokenomics

The Basic Beasts comprise several types depending on their rarity and qualities. The normal skin, the cursed black skin, the shiny gold skin, mythic diamond skin, and the metallic silver skin, are the Beasts from common to rare. The Basic Beasts are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that the players will have the liberty to buy, sell, trade, evolve, hodl, giveaway, or even destroy.

Video & Game Review – Basic Beasts

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