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Electronic Arts’s New Decision on the Delisting of its Classic Game Titles.

Electronic Arts delisted some of its classic titles from Good Old Games. However, EA’s executive Chris Bruzzo recently made a statement about the reversal of the decision to delist its classic games.

Electronic Arts is one of those gaming studios that have had a love-hate relationship with its fans. Most of the time EA gets entangled in some sort of controversies may it be its policy of embracing loot boxes or its “games as a service” policies.

Now, in a recent development, EA first delisted its classics but decided to reverse its decision to delist its classic and fan-favorite titles from

Earlier, after EA’s request, Good Old Games announced that various games will be removed at the request of the publisher. The titles in question were Ultima Underworld, Ultima Underworld 2, Syndicate Wars, and Syndicate Plus. All the games to be delisted were published by EA on DOS back in the 1990s.

Moreover, the physical copies of these classics are almost impossible to get hold of. Those fans and players that have already downloaded the game will get to keep it, but new players won’t be able to download the game after delisting. Once delisted, new players won’t have a chance to try these classics.

However, after taking into consideration the passion and love of fans for these classics, EA finally released a statement about reversing the decision. Chris Bruzzo, executive of EA, said that EA usually takes into consideration various aspects after finalizing a decision that involves its fans.

EA’s New Decision on the Delisting of its Classic Game Titles. 

EA’s New Decision on the Delisting of its Classic Game Titles.

However, Bruzzo confirmed that in this particular scenario, EA hastily announced the delisting decision. However, EA’s executive didn’t address the reason why EA decided to delist the games in the first place. Maybe due to remastering plans or underperformance, no one knows.

Nevertheless, the delisted classic games are once again available for players to play and experience the classics.

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