Worldwide XR Revenues Report Q3 of 2020

Worldwide XR Revenues Report Q3 2020 is in! Some interesting insights in a report recently published by SuperData about the revenue generated by XR worldwide in Q3 of 2020. Let’s dig into the report and crunch some numbers, shall we?

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The Best Games Podcasts 2021

Best Game Podcasts 2021; It’s impossible to keep up with and play every video game out there. Each week, a handful of new games are released, along with a slew of news stories pertaining to the industry. One of the best ways to stay updated on everything is by listening to video game podcasts.

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The 5 best games podcasts of 2021

Looking for a new podcast for the latest gaming news, reviews, and the odd scoop? Look no further, here’s five of the best games podcasts in 2020.

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