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Project Moon Game

Project Moon has been a bit of a surprise for the community, as not much is known about it and there haven’t been any leaks. But here’s what we know so far

Tens of thousands of Dr.Disrespect gamers and supporters have been requesting and minting their “Variants” for months. These NFT avatars are what provide gamers their “Access Pass,” which then gives them access to Project Moon behind the scenes. Players have been eagerly waiting for information about the first game that will be created by the company since Midnight Society was launched last year, and some minor details are finally coming to light.

The game will definitely include two modes, a player versus everyone mode and a player versus player mode. People that have already gotten their NFT’s are the only ones getting updates and information about what is going on in the project, I guess it’s the exclusiveness that makes the gamers more curious about the game.

These are some confirmed features in Project Moon:

  • The game will feature large player counts similar to those in battle royale video games.
  • Centered on verticality, possibly incorporating parkour concepts.
  • Players will have access to a hideout that can be customized and has shooting ranges.
  • Access Pass holders will get access to snapshots, which will give them information on “slices of important components of the game.”

Those with founder Pack get early access:

Doctor Disrespect has said that players who apply for Project Moon’s founder pack will gain access to the game’s early test builds, weapon trials, voting privileges, studio events, and much more.

Free to Play:

In a recent chatroom many people voiced their disapproval of the use of blockchain and NFTs, Dr. Disrespect reassured viewers that NFTs would not be a required component of the game and that free-to-play users would still have the same competitive edge as everyone else. So the game will be both free to play and play to earn. Though it is not clear whether Non-Nft buying players will be able to earn or not without any investment.

Check out Project Moon’s Official Promo