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Infinite Drive Game

Infinite drive on the Solana blockchain network is a creation of The Tiny Digital Factory. These are the same developer behind Revv Racing. Infinite Drive is a cross between play-to-earn and free-to-play experience providing access to everybody and anybody. Many veteran game developers from UbiSoft and other gaming companies have come together to build this game with a close focus on the play part of the game making it about having fun than about making money. Infinite Drive is a metaverse with its own NFT licensed cars and other assets making the gaming experience more real.

Infinite Drive Gameplay:

The gameplay is simple car racing of various formats with PvE and PvP gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of 150+ NFT cars ranging from about 20 different car brands like Mercedes, Renault, Porsche, Ford, Maclaren, etc. These NFT cars are customizable, upgradable, for rental purposes, and even for trade. So, the goal is to win races, earn points by socializing with other players and roam around the roads on long drives, exploring the metaverse. The more you drive, the more you earn and you can increase your collection of NFT cars in the garage. Moreover, players can also come together to make their own groups and communities, socialize and participate together in tournaments. Rank yourself on the leaderboard and claim your rewards in the tournaments.


The game economy is built on driving, the more you drive the more you earn. Besides, NFTs are the major assets of the game that can come in the shape of cars, spare parts, tires, etc. Even just participating in the race will earn you some money depending upon the fact that you drive around in the game. Lastly, the game is not about winning races, it is just about driving around in the metaverse. Initially, 5,000 licensed NFT cars will be released.

Infinite Drive Official Gameplay