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Roblox’s Exchange System Exploits Young Developers; Investigative Report.

According to a recent investigation, Roblox is exploiting young game developers. The accusation is made by People Make Games via its YouTube channel.

Roblox Exploits Young Developers

Roblox Exploits Young Developers

The video explains that how Roblox is an exploitative platform that manipulates young game developers.

The video was published by People Make Games’ Quintin Smith that sheds light on the questionable exchange system adopted by Roblox. The video further claims that this dubious system makes it extremely hard for young developers to make money from the platform.

Despite its exploitative exchange system, the video also shares that how the gaming platform has unreasonable expectations from young developers and makes them work really hard for it.

The platform works in a way where kids make video games for other kids to play. These games can be monetized by developers and the money they earn on the platform is paid in a virtual currency called Robux.

PMG further shares that making your game noticeable among millions of games on the platform is no easy task. However, there’s an easy way by bidding on an ad slot during an auction using Robux.

If any developer wants to turn their Robux into real money, they have to hit the cap of at least 100,000 Robux i.e. $1000. With a cap of 100,000 Robux, likely, developers won’t hit the cap and invest Robux right back into the system.

Moreover, developers also need to pay for a monthly subscription before taking out any real money. That is not all, Roblox is buying Robux back at a different rate from users than it sells them.

Developers are getting $350 for 100,000 Robux. PMG correlates the Roblox exchange system with age-old mining and logging camps where laborers were paid in company scrips rather than real money.

Roblox Exploits Young Developers

Roblox Exploits Young Developers

The investigative video also shares an interview of a young Roblox developer who tried his best but failed to succeed on the platform. The boy said, “Even though the kids gaming company encourages you to make games, the likelihood of you making a successful game is basically zero”.

The boy adds, “You always compete with the people that have lots of money.”

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