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Mobile Game Revenues Report 2020 is out!

The future of mobile gaming is great, recent report from App Annie shares some exciting information on mobile revenue in the year 2020. Let’s have a look.

Mobile games make up 72% of total mobile revenue in the year 2020. This means that mobile games alone have made a mammoth $81bn.

Exciting insights on mobile revenues have revealed that there were more than 130 billion mobile app downloads across Google Play and iOS in 2020 and a staggering 40% is coming from games.

The report shared by App Annie says that mobile games made to the top category for growth on app stores this year. Talking about the gross spending of consumers on mobile this year, people spent $112 billion on mobile of which $81 billion comprised of mobile games.

Let’s further crunch some numbers, the analytics company shared that for every dollar spent on app markets like Google Play and iOS, $0.71 were for games. Mobile games make up to 40% of mobile app downloads across iOS and Google Play this year. This means out of 130 billion app downloads, 53 billion downloads were games.

Now let’s break it down further to app stores; Google Play downloads witnessed an increase of 40% year-on-year when it comes to game downloads. This year 45% of all Google Play downloads comprised of games which represent 42 billion downloads out of a total of 94 billion. On the contrary, on iOS, games made only 30% of all iOS downloads.

Furthermore, the report also shared that in 2020, people spent a colossal 284 billion hours playing games on a mobile phone, an increase of 35% when compared to 2019.

Report further read, “Mobile gaming hit new heights in 2020 — fueled in part by cross-platform play, the growing core mobile gaming market, and continued growth in casual gaming,” the report read. “We can see that key social features also helped to drive mobile gaming adoption and market share — including chat, friend invites and competitive multiplayer modes — particularly those adopted by casual games.”


Reinout te Brake

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