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W3 Play


– Secondary market for digital game assets.
– Longtail for the gaming guilds.

Web3 gaming is moving fast. Initially it started with a premium model where players had to pay to earn and that is now quickly moving to a play and earn model on top of free to play in order to get widest possible adoption.

Centralize, what is decentralized – W3 Play

We will become the best central destination to discover play to earn games:

A global NFT Exchange & Banking Integration

Moving wealth as a player from one game to another is currently cumbersome and players lose a lot of money from fees when transferring GameFi NFTs to currency to another currency to then another GameFi NFT. We’re building an NFT Exchange where players can swap out GameFi NFTs – that can easily sync into another game within the platform. The difference in value is added through our own token $WEPLAY. Plus they’ll get access to a full suite of payment services, including the W3Play Credit Card – powered by Mastercard, a Crypto Account, and a secure Crypto Wallet through Baanx.


A Bridge to All P2E Games with One Token -$WEPLAY Token

The native cryptographically-secured fungible protocol token of W3 Play (ticker symbol $WEPLAY) is a transferable representation of distributed governance and treasury functions.

Yes – we are planning and need to introduce a token.
We will work with advisors on the details once the pre-seed round has happened.
At this early stage it would not make sense to do a pie chart with the tokenomics or copy and paste what others are doing but our thesis is that