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Taurion Game

Taurion is a fully decentralized and player-oriented new game on the WEB3 which means the game will never shut down unless the community decides that. All ownership of the game will belong to the players eventually who are helping build this metaverse surrounding the game. The decentralized game is developed by Xaya a part of Autonomous Worlds Ltd and is a Sandbox game with an ever-evolving universe.

Taurion  Storyline:

One day in a faraway future, humans received a signal from outer space which seemed to come from a brown dwarf star outside our galaxy. The signal seemed to be caused by a sentient race or being and Taurion was discovered, a new galaxy. Moreover, the people on earth prepare to reach for Taurion and 12 houses leave in search of Taurion, a new home. In this race, three factions settled near each other in the galaxy, creating enmity and competition for controlling the resources. So, the three houses include the House Reubo, House Ephrati, and House Jodon. Reubos are intelligent, Ephratis are patient and long-term planners, and Jodon represents strength. Resources are low and the battle ensues.

Taurion Gameplay:

The game is all about mining, refining, building, excavating, scavenging, strategizing, looting, planning, surviving, exploring, traveling, and trading. In short, the game is very much like real life but in the future where the threat is alien.


CHI is the in-game utility token and Xaya is the governance token handling the economy of the game. Players can earn or buy CHI on cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides, the developers plan on making the game a play-to-earn experience but it will depend on how the community reacts to the game and how many people join it. Thus, the more people who become part of the project, the more it will have the opportunity to make it a play-to-earn project.

Check Out the Cinematic Trailer of the Game