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Proof of Treasure Game

Launched on 21st July 2022, Proof Of Treasure is a precision geo-location finding game that already has a loyal and growing user base. Players of ‘Proof Of Treasure’ compete with each other in real-time to find the location of a Google Maps ‘street-view’ image visible in-game (the proof). Additionally, the game-winner is rewarded with the treasure in the form of a Proof Of Treasure Coin (POTT). To win, players simply have to find the location and submit the longitude and latitude coordinates.

Proof of Treasure Games

There are two exciting games on-site at the moment: the ‘Classic’ game and the ‘Golden’ game. The ‘Classic’ has easier and more frequent games for a modest reward, but not all the Classic games are as easy as it would seem, though there will always be a ‘hint’. The ‘Golden’ game, conversely, is more difficult, less frequent, and gives out higher rewards to winners! It sometimes takes players days to find the location of the ‘Golden’ game. Each game location image for the Classic/Golden game is custom. This means that the selection here is manual and is not automatic. It has an interesting mechanic, as developers can build games of varying difficulty. Moreover, it introduces elements to make more challenging games for the players. More geo-location games are actively in development.

Proof of Treasure’s Coin – POTT

Proof Of Treasure Coin (POTT) is a Chia Asset Token, built on the Chia (XCH) ecosystem. POTT is unique as it has a verifiably limited issuance schedule, you can see the details of how the developers achieved this technically here, but in short, we have restricted how much POTT can be minted in one spend / at certain times. This means that the coins have a limit. So, the developers can create – and have deliberately done this to assure users that this isn’t a pump-and-dump scheme where developers can just make a billion coins on a whim.

POTT is readily tradable on a number of exchanges, including and Lastly, the game is young but there are many plans in the pipeline for holders of POTT, so watch this space!

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