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GunStar Metaverse Game

GunStar Metaverse is a dream come true for pet lovers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and battle-monger gamers.

The game dynamics are all about collecting and training your NFT pets in different PvP battles, PvE battles, and raids, that is, a total of 4 game modes. Every game mode provides its own kind of rewards to the player like the campaign mode gives the winner experience and the raid mode provides the players with single-player and co-op options.

GunStar Metaverse Gameplay

Each competing side has pets with three skills each – two normal skills and one ultimate skill which is unique. Moreover, challenging terrains, climates, and materials make the battles more immersive whilst hosting matches. These different characteristics of arenas may help or create problems for the players during matches.

There are 23 types of NFT pets in the game based on the different features they hold. which also ascertain their rarity and value. Moreover, there are four classes of pet rarity: normal, rare, elite, and legendary. These pets are available for acquisition in the marketplace by buying or collecting pieces of lost pets. The lost pet pieces are joined to create new pets with their own unique powers and features.

GunStar Metaverse Tokenomics

The game is not free-to-play, so the players need tokens to enter into the different game modes, especially the raid mode. The in-game tokens include the GSTS and GSC tokens. In addition, the RUNE tokens also help players to conduct in-game transactions. GSTS is used for staking, buying pets in the marketplace, and governance while GSC token can be used in the fortune wheel to win some items or other prizes.

Both of these coins are won through winning the different battle modes. Lastly, GunStar Metaverse is a fun NFT pet game that is entertaining to play and very lucrative as well.

Check Out the Game’s Official Trailer Below