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Blockonaire Game

Blockonaire is one of a kind gaming project running on Solana blockchain where players can become crypto investors. The project is under the banner of Diamond Hand using Solana blockchain.

The game is under the banner of Diamond Hand and Diamond Studio where the team has the expertise and rich experience in Web3 applications. Blockonaire will let players earn, play, and trade NFTs. The idea is to relive your journey as a crypto investor, explore opportunities, weigh them, and take decisions accordingly to earn DHD coins. Moreover, players can also trade NFTs and use them in-game, for added bonuses.

Diamond Hand Blockonaire Concept

To understand the game concept, imagine you are walking your dog and you ran into a neighbor. The chat between you two turns to crypto and both of you talk about a project. Your neighbor tells you about a project he is involved in. The project rewards users when they share their moments with their pets and mint them on a chain as NFTs. You loved the idea. Consequently, you invest 10% of your balance in the project and bought some tokens. And voila. The token moons. The game concept will let you learn a lot about the intricacies of investing in crypto. So, gear up to go all in.

The game will launch in the fall of this year.