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Since Valorant has surfaced in the gaming industry,

there is a question that has surrounded many; It is Counter-strike? Or it’s a rip off of Counter-strike? Well, yes, but actually no. In this article I take you through a close comparison between Valorant and Counter-Strike. Let’s see if we can answer this question.

Valorant is a very close copy of Counter-Strike when it comes to movement and shooting mechanics. Some have said that it is a blatant rip off, but not for me. There are some differences that you need to know, otherwise you’ll be an ignorant sheeple. This article is for those gamers who know counter strike really well or those who are completely noob to this genre and want to learn about movements and stuff.

Well, let us talk about the differences now, shall we? The Counter-Strike gaming character model has an anatomy of Head, Chest, Abdomen and legs but, in it’s there are only three; the head, the body and the legs. Yes, this makes a lot of difference. Let me illustrate an example; in counter strike if you take a deagle and take two shots at the abdomen, you are gonna get the kill. But that’s not the case in .

In Valorant if you take the sheriff and fire two bullets in the same area, it would count as a body shot and its not gonna be a kill.

There’s a lot that is common in these games, shift walks, control crouches and left click shoots. The aim mechanics are also somewhat same, let’s talk about spread. The spread is a natural inaccuracy of a weapon, you cannot control or predict this one. It’s just random and yes, the first shot is not gonna be perfectly accurate.

Second up is, the movement inaccuracy, the more you move the less accurate your shots are. And third is recoil, where your screen pops up after you shoot. All three are in both games and all are calculated the same way with some slight differences.

In counter strike, recoil is a set pattern for each gun. And it will behave the same way consistently throughout the game. In Valorant, the recoil pattern does not stay the same and has some randomness to it. You can master the recoil but it will take hundreds of hours of practice despite the random recoil pattern in it.

Another important difference is the scoping. it’s has included scope in every weapon as compared to CS where the scope is given to AUG and SG. iIt’s has also reduced the rate of fire when using scope especially a 10% reduction from M4A4 to the AK47.

That has to be deliberate. A reduced rate of fire means a tighter spray pattern because it gives more time in between shots. But the scoping also reduces your speed by 25% in it. A stark reduction. But it has it’s advantages, you can hold angles quite easily and ferociously in it while using scopes.

Let’s talk about the shotguns, in CS the shotguns have a spread pattern. The pattern of the pellets are consistent and you can get better with a shotgun via practice and you usually aim for the head. But in Valorant you got a circle and the pellet are evenly distributed in the circle, what I am trying to say here is, there is no skill involved.

If you want to use shotgun in Valorant, don’t aim for the head, put the circle over the top of the head so that your shots hit the body and the head, that is how you will maximize damage.

Let’s compare the snipers. The Marshall in Valorant is as same as a Scout in CS. It one taps the head and two taps the body, enemy gone. And the AWP is the AWP, it one taps anywhere except the legs. Valorant called it the Operator so you can shorten it to Op (awp). That’s right. But in Valorant you have to wait for the scope animation to finish to get an accurate shot.

There is no quick awping in Valorant. When using an awp, there is a red dot in the scope, it always pops up when you can get an accurate shot. So there is no blurring of the scope as there is in CS. The slow movement in it makes the Operator really strong when holding anlges but the slow scope animation makes it really difficult awp offensively.

Okay, a lot about shooting already, let’s analyze movement. The movement in it is really slow. Dodging shots and strafing around is not as effective as in CS. Shoulder peaking in it is a quick way to die. Another significant thing that makes shooting in it is much easier is the mechanics of tag. When you hit an opponent with a single bullet or anything, they get tagged hard.

Tagging is when a player gets slowed after they get shot. Its so extreme in Valorant that simply getting hit will stop you immediately regardless of what weapon you got hit with. You cannot escape, unless you are Jett and you just zoom out of the way. There are more things to discuss such as bunny hopping, aim punch and crouch mechanics, but that is for the next time.

On face value and CS feel like the same game but when you drill down into the details you find a much simpler and much more organized game in Valorant. All of the decisions taken by Riot Games feel like deliberate to me. It also feels like a lot easier to play when compared with CS.

Well it can best be summed up as Valorant is CS on easy mode with extra abilities. Anyway, there is no way in hell that you will learn much about it by just reading this article, so I request you to go play yourself and enjoy the game. And if you have already been playing, let me know in the comments about any other similarities or differences you came across. Ciao.


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