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Mines of Dalarnia Game

Mines of Dalarnia is a 2D action-adventure game that uses DAR as its token. Players can harvest and use a variety of in-game rewards to improve their skills and gear as they advance through Dalarnia’s universe in pursuit of unique relics and treasures. There are many terrains to explore and different types of monsters to kill. You can either go for it alone or join a friend.

All of the assets in the game are NFTs, which you can export and trade on the open markets. DAR is the game’s governance token as well as the cash used to upgrade tools and trade on the marketplace. In the game, players can win token prizes in a variety of ways. The minerals and tools obtained can be traded for cryptocurrencies on NFT marketplaces. Besides, users can enter competitions to win DAR token awards. Players will be divided into groups based on their skill levels, with the larger the incentives in these competitions for the more accomplished players. Players can also bet DAR tokens to gain rewards and accelerate their game progress.

Mines of Dalarnia Gameplay

The core gameplay revolves around gathering resources and fighting. Underground, there are several resources of various minerals that players can hope to find and mine. The terrain, like the resources, changes throughout the game randomly. Players will be focused on improving their equipment by playing the mining game in order to obtain the resources to do so. The miner’s power level, which indicates his or her progress, limits his or her mining choices, higher-ranked miners can explore more places. In order to find resources, miners may have to fight creatures, evade numerous traps, and demolish blocks of different kinds. Each successful action performed raises a player’s score, which determines the benefits they will earn in terms of resources and prizes after mining.

Mining sessions, on the other hand, are time-limited, if the timer runs out or the player loses all health points, the session will stop. The player’s high score will be reduced by a set amount in this situation, resulting in fewer awards. Players can start mining by purchasing a Limited-Edition Starter Pack, a Basic Starter Pack, or a Free-to-Play Pack. The Free-to-Play Pack only includes the most basic equipment, and players can only mine in Depth 1 level mines with it. They won’t be able to start runs in Depth 2 or 3 level mines, and they won’t have access to the crafting capabilities. Moreover, they can exchange their resources on the market, but if they want to use all of the game’s features, such as crafting and mining at different depths, they’ll need to purchase a Basic Starter Pack.

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