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Claw Stars Game Lore

For survival experiments, thousands of Hamsters were launched into space; but, by accident, they warped into a wormhole through time.

In the space of a few minutes, millions of years had passed, the hamsters had developed superintelligence, and they had suddenly found themselves in a cosmos that had undergone significant change. They started modifying their ships right away so they could explore this new world!

When they initially arrived at their home planet, they discovered that it had undergone a significant transformation and now included treasure, artifacts, and even animals imprisoned in enigmatic orbs. They learn here that their new objective is to revive planets and develop into the ultimate Claw Star.

Claw Stars Gameplay

The novel gameplay of Claw Machines is combined with an adorable selection of capsule toys in Claw Stars, a special Casual Social Claw Machine game.

As you explore different planets, discover the treasures that previous civilizations left behind and contribute to repairing these damaged worlds. You will gather cash, gather artifacts, and even free creatures that have been enigmatically confined with each claw!

Save Planets

Each planet is teeming with adorable creatures of all shapes and sizes that require saving. Save them all, and then rebuild their habitat to carry on your exploration!

Collect Clothes

To stay up with the newest trends throughout the Galaxy, collect all the adorable new space clothing for your hamster. Obtain spectacular new Space Ships to aid you in navigating the amazing worlds that the Claw Stars have to offer.

Customize your home

All the NFT artifacts you collect on your expeditions can be used to decorate your home. You can also sell them on the marketplace.

Play against friends

You might lose some friendships here. As you can play with friends as you look for useful tools to trick them, set up traps and blockades to prevent them from moving, kidnap their creatures, or hack into their stores to steal all their coins to make yourself richer. But be careful they can do the same!

Claw Stars Official Trailer