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Battlepalooza, Grab as many coins as you can while avoiding being fragged in the battleground. To win the big prize, be the last of the 24 contestants to survive! Battlepalooza is for players of all skill levels, but a little strategic thinking and a dash of luck will get you a long way.

Fight in Real-Life Cities

Battlepalooza creates battle venues using Google Maps geographical data. Compete in real-life locations such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Paris. Different cities have different prize levels.

Strategize your Gameplay

At the outset of each match, choose your own unique loadout that best suits your approach. By gathering objects throughout the game, you can improve your weapons and stats. Understanding your play style and the match situation allows you to make intelligent decisions about what to equip and upgrade. The right planning will determine the victor.

Win Gear and Coins

In every match, each player has a chance to earn coins and gears. The last person standing receives premium coins, which can be exchanged for rare gear and skins. Premium Coins can be used to wager on Premium Matches for a chance to win big. Weekly, new, exclusive, and limited-edition clothing is available for you to collect.

You can Team Up with Friends

In this exciting action game, gather your friends for a little downtown brawl. Alternatively, form an alliance to strategize and collaborate against your opponents.

The Game was Made Easy So Everyone Can Have Fun

Battlepalooza is a fun game for players of all skill levels that has crazy fun weaponry and hilarious characters. To have a chance, you don’t have to be a dedicated gamer. Players are rewarded for a combination of strategy, skill, and luck not just reaction time thanks to this new fighting system.