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Play Nova Battles for fun with your friends, or play to earn in this multiplayer online shooter game. Players must choose one of the numerous available Champions (avatars in the form of NFTs), which are all free, in order to play Nova Battles. And then use any game mode and a Map to compete against other players.

These Champions are exceptional and fantastic in battle thanks to their distinct characteristics and abilities. Support Champions are champions who assist the primary champion in a battle. PVE or PVP combat options are available.

Battle Rewards are provided to players for their actions after each battle. The ecosystem in Nova Battles is mostly driven by Nova Soul. While engaged in combat, players use this energy resource. They are available for purchase through additional channels as well as the Marketplace and in different sales.

Nova souls can be brought, rented, or leased from the marketplace. Moreover, with the right things, you can also craft them.

What are Nova Souls in Nova Battles?

The game economy relies heavily on NoVa Souls. Players use NoVa Soul energy throughout a game to gain points. There are five levels of each NoVa Soul, each with a different earning potential. Every Nova Soul is distinct and has its own set of characteristics. Levels, powers, scores, abilities, looks, and other characteristics of NoVa Souls differ. The ideal NoVa Soul will enhance your gaming experience in addition to increasing your chances of winning.


A number of 3v3 gaming modes are available in Nova Battles, including Gem Grab, a race to acquire gems, Tower Defence, where players engage in attacking and defending against their enemies, and Team Battle, where the team with the most kills wins. All these game modes help you earn tokens that can be spent in the marketplace.

  • Sending your buddies invitations
  • Playing PvP every day and logging in to the game Climbing leaderboards to get rewards by defeating opponents
  • Winning solo battles
  • Generating Nova Souls for the game’s marketplace to be exchanged, rented, and leased

NoVa Battles Public Beta Trailer