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AIFA Football Game

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Introducing the AIFA NFT football game where you have the independence to create your own football players. Moreover, you can connect your players with an artificial intelligence mind. The new age of football game is upon us and you have the opportunity to join it.

AIFA Football is a decentralized gaming experience where you the player will have complete ownership of your AI player. You will not only create NFT players but also train them using the Altered State Machine (ASM) protocol. ASM is a revolution in the field of machine learning and it will take NFTs into the next phase of metaverse technology. In order to start your career in the AIFA league, you would only need four AIFA All-Stars NFT players and four ASM brains to connect with them to create a team.

AIFA Football Gameplay

The All-Stars will have random characteristics which you can modify according to your desire. After the formation of the team, up will train it for the upcoming competitions. Using the in-game governance token $ASTO, players can train their teams. $ASTO is the necessary fuel of the game which is required to survive in the game’s ecosystem. So, the team of AIFA players can then participate in tournaments and matches against other teams around the world in the AIFA metaverse.

Winning matches will allow players to get a position on the ranking table and unlock new abilities. Greater abilities will assist you in taking part in greater tournaments and matches. All-Stars are the original genesis NFTs that are limited in number (40,000). Moreover, players will gain experience and learn skills by participating in matches with the ultimate goal to become part of the AIFA Football Megastar.

The ASM brains are interchangeable from one character to another. However, all brains have certain dispositions to them that are not modifiable like speed, strength, intelligence, etc. which are written in the code. AIFA Football is a revolutionary new game in the NFT domain which is sure to change forever how you see the world!

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