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Champions Arena is an upcoming promising Gala Games Web3 game with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. This simulation NFT card game brings a lot to the table which was evident last year in November’s playtest. Now, we have another Champions Arena playtest at our hands and we will tell you what is new this time around. Moreover, what should we expect more from this web3 game?

New Content Addition

The recent playtest saw new content in the game like Tower Trials. Additionally, game operations and tools have also seen improvement. However, the biggest update we see lies in the new Estate content of the game. According to the developers, Estate is still under development and we can see plenty of improvement in it before the official launch.

In-Game Rewards System

As of now, players shall receive daily rewards in the shape of gems by logging into the game daily. Players will receive these gems through their in-game emails. The playtest will roll out gem rewards for everyone and in an equal count. So, there is a level playing field for everyone with an equal chance of ranking higher. Additionally, the higher ranked player you are the better rewards you will get. The secret to becoming a ranker player in Champions Arena lies in using the resources effectively and combining complementing Champions. It is better to have each role Champion in your team; tankers, supporters, strikers, and spell casters. Another massive tip here is to arrange your deck of cards with evenly distributed colors. The idea is to grow your character quickly and efficiently to stay ahead of the competition.

The Gacha Update in Champions Arena

Previously, we didn’t stand much of a chance of winning a Champion Hero via Gacha. However, the new update offers two Gachas, regular gacha and Premium gacha. The premium gacha gives 100% guarantee of obtaining a Champion, but which champion you get will depend on your luck. However, there is a catch, the premium gacha requires a player to spend more gems. There is another way to obtain a Champion by combining characters from Mayhem raids.

When is Champions Arena Officially Launching?

According to the team, Champions Arena will launch in Q2 of 2023, there are no official dates yet. However, this launch window is tentative as developers are continuously adding new content and improving the previous one. So, Champions Arena may take a little bit more time in the final development and polishing stage. The game will launch on all platforms simultaneously i.e. iOS, Android, and PC.

Champions Arena Seasons and Battle Arenas

Champions Arena Battle Arenas will have seasons and these seasons will determine player ranks. The ranking will base on PvP match stats and after each season the ranking will reset. Before the beginning of a new season, a pre-season will start where players can experiment with their decks and even build new characters. The pre-season will allow players to test different strategies and tactics. The objective is to rank higher on leaderboards and win great rewards. We can expect more information on how seasons will work in the coming weeks.

Champions Arena Tokenomics

Gems are the prime currency in Champions Arena which will help players to acquire, grow, and improve their Champions. With every new content in the game with new seasons, the more gems a player will need and spend to play the content. So, to obtain new characters, gacha boxes, and premium gachas, you will need gems. Finally, the new characters from premium gacha boxes will also require gems to grow to improve. The demand for gems will lead to players spending their tokens i.e. $GALA. There we have the basic tokenomic cycle of the game, however, developers are working on it to include more features.

NFTs in Champions Arena

There are also PvE rewards which are exclusively for those players who own an NFT Hero. The good thing about the game is that it didn’t make NFT Heroes mandatory for everyone. So, non-NFT Heroes are sufficient to enjoy the game. Additionally, the game offers NFTs in accessories, gears, and Estates. Non-NFT in-game items and gears are also convertible into NFTs by purchasing something that will allow conversion via Minting Scorll.

Champions Arena Debut Pre Sale

Champions Arena Pre-Sale is coming up this week where players can expect a bundle that will offer a lot of utility. The first NFT up for grabs is Nexus and it brings with itself a powerful, gorgeous, and rare limited-edition Champion. As for Nexus, it will help players in the acquisition and distribution allowing them to rent items to other players. So, Nexus will play a role as a rental hub where NFT Champions will be available for rent and play. So, those who can’t afford to buy NFT Champion can borrow from Nexus from other players. Additionally, Nexus will also result in players getting an Estate, so, experiencing Estate as an owner is a worthwhile thing. So, getting a Nexus will also result in players getting in the whitelist to buy future Estates.

Champions Arena Playtest will run for 21 days, players can enjoy the gameplay and earn rewards.

Gala Games Champions Arena Playtest 2.0, Everything You Need to Know
Gala Games Champions Arena Playtest 2.0, Everything You Need to Know

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