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Every week Reinout is hosting a games podcast for listeners that are interested in the world of games. Topics like game development, marketing, raising funding, mergers & acquisitions, social media, streaming, esports and so much more. This gaming podcast is for the gaming industry and people that are interested in the games space like investors, services providers and schools/universities/students to get a sense of what’s out there in the game industry. Tune in every week for the game podcast of Reinout;

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Game Consultant with Jay Powell- The latest Game News; Roblox funding, GDC Corona virus
Gaming in Israel, Guy Ben-Dov is giving us an update
Start up life in Gaming; Daniel Stammler, CEO of Kolibri Games, acquired by Ubisoft
Game Consultant with Jay Powell of the Powell Group consulting

Companies to Watch;

Utomik, Anzu and GoodGameStudios

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