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I do hope you enjoyed episode 4 of Game Consultant. In episode 5 on Saturday the following items;

– Start up in Games, Joakim Achrén founded NextGames and now has a new start up “Elite Game Developers”.

– Legal and Games, how boring, do you say? But so important, is my response. With Tom Buscaglia, I would say “THE” Game Attorney and Rene Otto of Van Iersel Luchtman Attorneys.

– Esports! Some insights from Chris Reed.

– BizTech is organizing a workshop ‘How to prepare a gaming conference’, Tuesday February 18th. Dirk Schmittanswered some questions.

– My watchlist of gaming companies Fingersoft, Qutee, PlaySpace.

So keep an eye open this Saturday for my new podcast of Game Consultant. Till then, stay safe and and keep sending me feedback and input.

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