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Even though everyone is making more Web3 games, there is no doubt that Asian games could take up a big part of the market. Asia is expected to make up more than 80% of Web3 gaming, since Asia is the best at making games and has a large and growing number of Internet users. That’s a huge number, especially considering how hard it is to play games in these places. In China, gamers under the age of 18 can only play for an hour a day. South Korea has also put a lot of restrictions on and mostly banned blockchain games.

Asia, especially China, has been a gaming powerhouse for a long time, and its fans are some of the best in the world. With so many people playing Web3 games, it’s likely that many of them will buy and sell in-game items. This could lead to a big increase in the size of the area.

Asian Web3 Projects Have Surpassed the Competitors

Even though there are legal restrictions, DappRadar’s research says that Square Enix’s planned Web3 game Symbiogenesis and Nexon’s Web3 play with MapleStory Universe show that crypto games are becoming more popular in the East. Both will also use Polygon, which is the best Web3 gaming network at the moment.

It’s important to remember that Web3 gaming will be affected by things other than where people live. Developers will have to make unique, interesting games that gamers all over the world will want to play.

According to an analysis by DappRadar and Pacific Meta, the most influential Asian games are role-playing games like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star Online, and Genshin Impact.

The Asian market has made a big difference for Web3 gaming. WeMade, a Korean game publisher, has one of the largest booths at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). A representative for WeMade said that the company plans to release its games in Korea first, without any NFTs or Web3 integrations, before putting them on its WeMix platform for the rest of the world.

Sky Mavis’s co-founder Trung Nguyen agrees that Web3 is a “natural” choice for the Asian Games. It’s because it works best for the kinds of games that people want to play.

Nguyen said, “They find it very natural to get into Web3 gaming because in the early days of Web3 gaming, it was all about rolling, gatcha, having the best characters you could find, and then trading them on the market.”

A Survey on Web3 Acceptance

But Nguyen thinks that because Asian games care more about how they play than how much money they make, people in both the West and the East will want similar experiences. In a study done by the Blockchain Gaming Association, bad gameplay was found to be the second most important barrier to mass adoption. With 36% of participants thinking that improvements to gameplay will be the main reason why people will play Web3 games in 2023.

As part of Pacific Meta’s Web3 gaming study, more than 1,000 adults in Japan took part in the survey. It shows that 40 percent of them know what blockchain games are. About 57% of people who know about these games said they “seem interesting,” while 10% said they didn’t. 33% of people who answered say “neither,” which could mean they don’t know much about Web3 games.

About 773 out of the 1,030 people say that being free-to-play is a feature they value a lot when talking about the different kinds of blockchain games. 538 people have said that they would rather play the game on their phone. Consoles, games with well-known intellectual property, player revenue, and game quality all get lower scores.

What was the least important to the respondents?

This study seems to back up the idea that Asian games can’t put their crypto elements ahead of everything else. It is also used by a lot of people who make Web3 games. At least in Japan, the platform and initial price may be the most important parts for gamers.

Even so, the Web3 gaming market is still in its early stages. It will stay the same for a while before most people can get used to it.

With the rise of blockchain and digital currencies, the gaming industry is about to start a new era where players can play and talk to each other in a safe and cheap way. In conclusion, Asian games have the potential to change the way games are played around the world by fostering social interaction, creating new industries, and making games safer.

A lot of questions remain about how the industry will change. Which countries and players will end up being in charge? Asian games may be able to get a big share of the Web3 gaming market, but they may not be able to get all of it.

Asian Games Embracing Web3 Gaming in Droves, New Report
Asian Games Embracing Web3 Gaming in Droves, New Report

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