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This game podcast is informing you about everything you need to know about the game industry. How to be working in the games space, business development, game publishing, fundraising, strategy, roadmapping, forecasting marketing and so much more. Weekly items with experienced gaming people, interviews with industry experts in all of these fields.

All in all, I would say; take a look at the game industry and listen to the episodes of this Game Podcast on Spotify. Just click on the titles and you can listen to the episode but also see the links of my guests, game company sites and gaming initiatives and other relevant games information. The Game Industry is growing fast, so stay tuned!

Malta Gaming and Tamatem Games - Game Podcasts -

Episode 41; Second Part Interview Ivan Filletti On GamingMalta And Timothy Bendt Explains Tamatem Games, A Publising house In The Middle East

This week in Episode 41 I have the remaining parts of the interview with Ivan Filletti of MaltaGaming and Timothy Bendt of Tamatem Games. Both are the seconds parts of conversations I had earlier this month. Ivan is telling why gaming studios should land in Malta and Timothy is giving us a look inside his publishing company that is focussing on the Middle East.

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Episode 40 Games Podcast - Gaming in Mena with Tamatem and Gaming in India with Games24x7

Episode 40; Tamatem Games and MENA, Tim shares his insights, India and its gaming growth, Rahul explains the vision of Games24x7

The games podcast is back, a small break and re-energyzed. Look and feel of the site has changed, better hosting, fresh new logo, new intro and outro music. So I hope you like it! Today two territories; India and the MENA. I have chat with Tim and Rahul are talking about the regions, their companies and lots about gaming what you should know. Cris Reed is talking about Joe Rogan and his opinion about gaming & addiction. Check out what...

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GamingMalta Episode 39 PodcastGameConsultant.com

Episode 39; GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, Ivan Is Explaining What His Governmental Foundation Is Offering The Games Industry And Eitan Is The Founder Of A New Games Fund Vgames

GamingMalta, Malta and Gaming, have you heard about it? Well, today an interesting talk with Ivan Filletti, who is representing his government Malta. Lots of us do know the island because of Igaming, but there is so much more. Besides being a wonderful island to relax during your holiday’s, they are working on a gaming eco-system. Next to that, I have the second part of my interview with Eitan Reisel. He started a games fund Vgames. Interesting enough I was...

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Invest in Gaming - Vgames.vc - Gaming Fund -

Episode 38; VGames.vc Is A New Gaming Fund From Israel, Eitan Explains How To Back Game Studio Founders And Robby Yung Shares His Vision About Blockchain In Games

VGames.vc is a new games investment firm in the games industry. VGames is founded to support early stage game founders trying to turn their dreams into reality.  In this episode I am talking to Eitan Reisel about his new games fund, how is looking at the games industry, how he is finding new potentials investments, which platforms or segment of the industry, deal terms etc. Also the second part of the interview with Robby Yung, CEO Animoca Brands. We dive...

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Episode 37; Blockchain And Games

Episode 37; Blockchain And Games, Great Insights By Robby Yung, CEO Of Animoca Brands, Who Talks About The Ownership Of Digital Goods In Gaming

Blockchain and games is a topic that I have come across many times in the last years. Many people talk about it and it is said, it is a game-changer.  In this episode I wanted to learn more how blockchain can work for game developers. A company that is quite often in the news, when it is about blockchain and games is Animoca Brands. So who better could I talk to then the CEO himself; Robby Yung. Animoca Brands develops...

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Several top executives behind FaZe Clan are leaving to start a competing organization called XSET

Episode 36; Talk with Matthew of the Iterative Indie Games Fund, FaZe Clan exec to start XSET and part 2 Plitch.com interview with Rob

The game industry is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2020 alone, estimates place the market size at US$159.3 billion with a 9.3% CAGR. According to data available on Steam, the median lifetime revenue per game is US$220,000 and the mean lifetime revenue is $2,669,000 (i.e. the tail is fat). These are extremely healthy profit margins considering the lower development cost of indie games.

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Torque Esports UMG

Episode 34; Darcy Lorincz Of Torque Esports (Engine Media) Explains Their Content Strategy But Also Talks About Moving To The Nasdaq, Brand- & Fan Engagement And Ai & Machine Learning

Torque Esports is focused on accelerating new, live, immersive esports and interactive gaming experiences for consumers through its partnerships with traditional and emerging media companies and providing online interactive technology platforms and monetization services.  I had an amazing insightful talk with Darcy Lorincz, who is the COO of Torque Esports. Torque Esports will be under the umbrella of Engine Media, together with Winview and Frankly.

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Carlos Estigarribia LATAM Games

Episode 30; Carlos Estigarribia Talks About Gaming in Latin America (LATAM)

In Episode 8 I did ask Carlos Estigarribia some questions concerning Latin America, or LATAM as people call it. Gaming in LATAM. You can listen to this episode to get to know more about game studios, publishers and more. Today I want to know more Esports, localization of games, game events and other interesting topics that you should know about when targetting LATAM for your games.

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Mobile Growth Association - Game Podcast - Games Podcast - Games Podcasts -

Episode 29; Mobile Growth Association (MGA) And Their June Event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 For Mobile Marketing Professionals

Some weeks ago I had a chat with Dave Westin of Mobile Growth Association (MGA), I have known Dave for a very long time. He updated me about their upcoming event MGS Global Virtual Conference 1.0 and their roadmap for 2020-21. Local communities is part of their plan. It sounded very exciting and he mention I should talk to the CEO of this association, Jen Laloup. I did a fun and interesting interview with her.

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Makers Fund - Game VC - Games podcasts -

Episode 28; Investor Aðalsteinn “Alli” Óttarsson Talks About Gaming Investments. Alli Worked At CCP And Riot Games And Is Also Venture Parter Of Makers Fund And Joakim Talks About The Perfect Pitch Deck For Gaming Studios

Gaming Investments, the topic of Episode 28. His name is Aðalsteinn Óttarsson, but his friends are calling him; “Alli”. He is an investor in the gaming industry. He has been in leading positions in companies like CCP Games and Riot Games. We talk about the investment  in gaming, landscape, the pitchdecks, future of gaming and...

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Evos Esports -games podcasts - game podcast -

Episode 26; Esports In Southeast Asia Is Booming And This Esports Organization Is Leading By Example; EVOS Esports has A Clear Roadmap To Become The Dominant Esports Player In Southeast Asia

EVOS Esports is the leading esports organization in Southeast Asia, and has won numerous world championship titles; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship (M1) 2019 and Free Fire World Cup 2019. EVOS Esports' co-founders are young, diverse and dynamic, with three co-founders being listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020.

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PodcastGameConsultant.com; Dmitri Bourkovski of Xsolla, Chief Investment Office

Episode 24; Horizon 2020 and one of its Initiatives have Funds and Grants Available – Non Refundable Grants And Equity Investment for Startups, SME’s and Gaming Companies In the UK and Europe. Xsolla Is The Video Games Business Engine And Nordic Game Event 2020, NG20, Update.

Main guest interview of today is with Dmitry Burkovskiy of Xsolla. Their slogan is “Xsolla is the video game business engine! Our set of solutions helps you improve operations and sell more.” Dmitry is explaining more indepth. Als Xsolla is organizing an event called “Game Developers Carnival”, which is a completely virtual gaming industry event...

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Kate Edwards About Her Passion For Global Game Podcast | Episode 23

Episode 23; Kate Edwards About Her Passion For The Global Game Jam And Endorsing GameWorkers Unite But Concerns Like The Negative Cultural Force In Gaming like Bad habits, Poor Management And Leaders

Kate Edwards About Her Passion- In episode 23 I am talking to Kate Edwards. Our talk is about people in gaming. Cause this is what makes Kate ‘tick’. She cares about the people that make the games industry (complete). Episode 23 can be listened on various podcast platforms. Click on one of the links below...

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About PodcastGameConsultant.com;

Reinout is a games investor and strategic business consultant specializing in the games industry. Reinout established his credentials through his own successful investments, start-ups, consulting and (advisory) board positions that led through time to strong bonds with key stakeholders in this fast paced industry. He is known for his outstanding results in the gaming industry. He has worked with many game studios around the globe and is therefore well known in the international gaming industry.

With over 20+ years of experience, well known publishers, AAA+ game developers, serial gaming entrepreneurs and management teams of gaming corporations consult him on matters that behold financial, technical, operational, strategic and commercial.

Video Game Podcast Interviews hosted by Reinout te Brake - Game Podcast - Games Podcasts - Video Game Podcast -
Video Game Podcast Interviews hosted by Reinout te Brake – Game Podcast – Games Podcasts – Video Game Podcast –

I am observing and overseeing several boards of gaming companies. My trademark is to listen, strategize and give feedback to the stakeholders involved. I also represent management/founders towards shareholders and vice versa.