Discord sudden Popularity and Astonishing Downloads Figures

Discord sudden Popularity and Astonishing Downloads Figures

Discord popular, yeah baby look at those numbers! The success and popularity of some products can result in an automated success of other products. Today, let’s analyze the sudden spike in popularity of Discord, a mobile app that is used as a communication tool in games.

Fellow gamers, Discord’s download is at an all-time high since September 5th and its upward trend is not going to slow down anytime soon. Soon after COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown its downloads saw a spike and reached almost 500K and then started towards a steady decline.

But guess what? Since September 5th, the downloads sky-rocketed and reached 800,000 downloads a day. But it wasn’t due to COVID or any marketing stunt, there was something else behind the sudden popularity of Discord, it was the game Among Us.

InnerSloth’s game Among Us got so successful that it’s success spawned the success of Discord. Among Us is a fun game where you have to find an imposter among the crew of a spaceship before the imposter sabotages or kills the entire crew.

The game got so popular that it shot up a full 650 percent in hours watched on Twitch. It was so successful so suddenly that the developers got flabbergasted and canceled Among Us 2 to focus more on the first part.

Discord sudden Popularity and Astonishing Downloads Figures
Discord sudden Popularity and Astonishing Downloads Figures

And now what Discord has to do with Among Us, well fellows, Among Us requires a voice chat to function. To catch the imposter you need to deliberate with everyone and figure out who the imposter is.

This can be done via typing but who loves to type? Everyone loves to scream at the top of their lungs and that, my dear gamers, is done via Discord. The game is cross-platform and you need Discord to activate the in-game voice chat.

Furthermore, Discord also integrates well with Twitch which means it is easier for you to stream as well as use in-game voice chat.

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