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Ultra Games, DappRadar Report, NFTs, and Blockchain Gaming Activities by Eternal Dragons and More!

Interesting week wrapping where a lot happened during the week in the Web3 gaming industry. We got our hands on a significant report on blockchain gaming activity by DappRadar. Additionally, we saw Binance Group coming to the rescue and providing its platform to Gala Games Contract Upgrade. Eternal Dragons came out with a massive update introducing quest mode and NFT integration. Furthermore, Ultra Games rolls out its Chrome extension for Ultra Wallet. More news from the gaming sector where The Nemesis metaverse launched its NEMS token, Champions Ascension moving to Polygon blockchain, The Sandbox May Festival, and Blocklords opening community beta. Finally, big news for NFT enthusiasts, NFT Worlds announces Rebrand to Topia.

  • Blockchain Gaming Experiences Decline in Activity: DappRadar
  • Eternal Dragons Introduce its Biggest Update Yet
  • Ultra Games Launches its Chrome Extension
  • BLOCKLORDS Community Beta
  • Champions Ascension Moving to Polygon Blockchain and Other Upgrades
  • NFT Worlds Rebrands itself to Topia

Blockchain Gaming Experiences Decline in Activity: DappRadar

In the latest DappRadar report, it is indicated that there has been a 10% decrease in overall activity in April. Despite this decline, blockchain games remain significant, making up 38% of on-chain activity. This showcases their ongoing relevance and potential for growth. The rise of new gaming chains like Arbitrum and Immutable X further highlights the continuous expansion of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Notably, Arbitrum has experienced a remarkable 118.36% increase in users, while Immutable X has seen an 8.88% growth. These developments point towards future innovation and a broader selection of gaming experiences.

Currently, WAX stands as the most favored game chain, witnessing over 320,000 unique active wallets (UAW) in daily usage. Following closely, Polygon secures the second position with more than 140,000 UAW, trailed by Hive with approximately 86,000 UAW and BNB Chain with 82,000 UAW. Both game developers and investors exhibit keen interest in Sui, a novel blockchain network that has shown a staggering price surge of 3,800%, which is quite remarkable. Sui proves to be an attractive choice for Web3 game developers due to its distinctive approach to on-chain assets and technical specifications. Its ability to process deals simultaneously and expand horizontally to maintain low transaction fees garners favor from game designers.

Notably, Sui enables real-time updates of its NFTs and adopts an “object-based” model. Despite its lack of compatibility with Ethereum, Sui’s gaming advantages position it favorably among gamers at large. The increasing popularity of Sui in the market signals promising growth for the network, as more Web3 game makers and players migrate towards it.

Eternal Dragons Introduce its Biggest Update Yet

The auto-battle Web3 game Eternal Dragons has received a major update, offering exciting new content for loyal players. The update includes lite NFT integration, introducing Genesis Eternal Dragons for the first time. Additionally, Quest Mode Challenges and other game improvements have been added. Players can now earn daily rewards through PvE Quest Challenges. The update provides various activities such as checking Genesis Holdings in Magic Eden, engaging in PvE mode, or participating in PvP battles. The integration of lite NFTs grants advantages to players with Genesis Dragons Holdings in leagues and events. This update represents a significant milestone in Eternal Dragons’ Web3 journey, enhancing gameplay with Classes, Affinities, and Abilities.

Ultra Games Launches its Chrome Extension

Ultra Games has launched its Google Chrome application, marking a significant milestone following the successful debut of the Ultra Games store. Positioned as the Web3 equivalent of Steam, Ultra Games enhances the gaming experience with additional features. The application enables users to access their wallets directly, securely store UOS and Uniqs without holding users’ funds, and engage in fee-free NFT trading. Furthermore, Ultra Games introduces ‘Ultra is Life,’ a third-party data source and interface that allows users to monitor NFT and ultra wallet trades in the Uniq market. With a strong focus on continuous improvement, Ultra Games has a robust roadmap of planned enhancements and is set to introduce upcoming games in the near future.

BLOCKLORDS Community Beta

Blocklords has launched a new Community Beta for their town-building strategy game, extending the invitation to the general public. The beta is now open until June 10th.

During the Community Beta, Blocklords is offering enticing rewards to top performers. This includes the exclusive Discord role “Founders Society” for the top 100 players based on experience earned. The role provides perks such as access to a dedicated Discord channel, developer AMA sessions, and automatic whitelisting for future mints.

Prizes will also be awarded to individuals who excel in resource farming, possess the most gold at the end of the event, and import the highest number of Heroes into the game. Additionally, participants who complete the full experience track (10,000 experience points) will receive a special Militia Hero.

Join the Blocklords Community Beta now for a chance to compete for these rewarding prizes.

Champions Ascension Moving to Polygon Blockchain and Other Upgrades

Champions Ascension plans to migrate to Polygon blockchain, aiming to address rising gas fees associated with the PEPE token. The migration, expected to start at the end of June, will be a seamless process for players. Additionally, all Champions will receive a visual upgrade. On Polygon, a new feature called Chrono Imperium Obelisk will reward daily visitors with experience points, contributing to a leveling system with 11 Tiers. Players reaching certain tiers, known as Maestros, will receive regular Gold token rewards. The player with the highest total experience points will have the privilege of naming the current Era of the game.

NFT Worlds Rebrands itself to Topia in Web3

NFT Worlds, previously impacted by Microsoft’s ban on blockchain integration with Minecraft, has undergone a rebranding and emerged as Topia. Following their temporary closure, NFT Worlds has been diligently reconstructing their game, making significant progress. With the rebranding, Topia has reintroduced their World NFTs, providing existing NFT Worlds holders with an airdrop of their worlds in the new version. The collection can be explored on OpenSea, with the NFTs’ value rebounding from a low of less than 1 ETH to nearly 2 ETH.

During the rebuilding process, the Topia team ventured into developing a suite of open-source web3 tools. These tools enable any project, regardless of its ecosystem, to incorporate token transfers, logins, and other functionalities. Leveraging these tools, Topia Worlds aims to deliver a seamless experience for players.

Furthermore, Topia has plans to establish its own sidechain, potentially migrating the WRLD token and NFT Worlds Avatar NFTs in the near future. While there are still additional aspects to be finalized, such as a new staking contract for the Worlds, Topia remains a project worth monitoring in the months ahead.

Web3 gaming industry sees major developments with report by DappRadar, NFT Worlds' rebrand to Topia, updates in Eternal Dragons, Ultra Games.
Web3 gaming industry sees major developments with report by DappRadar, NFT Worlds’ rebrand to Topia, updates in Eternal Dragons, Ultra Games.

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