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This week, there have been a plethora of exciting events and advancements in the realm of Web3 games, including updates to blockchain games, acquisitions, transitions, and the launch of new games.

Welcome to “Super Sunday Game News,” your one-stop shop for all the latest blockchain gaming news of the week. Join us as we dive deep into the upcoming Gam3er’s Awards and explore all the exciting opportunities it has to offer for the gaming community.

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive coverage of the latest blockchain gaming news. From in-depth analysis of popular Web3 games like Skyweaver, Splinterlands, Influence, and Pegaxy, to updates on new game launches and Gala Games‘ continued expansion in the industry. We’ll also be exploring the reasons behind games migrating from Solana to ImmutableX and discussing the implications of these moves. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of blockchain gaming in detail.

Today, we bring you the following:

  • Gala Games’ acquisition of its partner Ember Entertainment
  • The upcoming Gam3er’s Choice Awards 2023
  • The introduction of community governance as a new feature in Splinterlands
  • Skyweaver’s exciting Hexbound Invasion expansion
  • Pegaxy’s major advancements
  • Tiny Colony’s migration to ImmutableX
  • A new challenger entering the scene for Genshin Impact

Gala Games’ acquisition of its partner Ember Entertainment

Gala Games continues to solidify its position as a leading developer and publisher in the Web3 gaming space, with the acquisition of mobile game company Ember Entertainment. This strategic move will enhance the development of AAA blockchain games and bring more mobile games to the Gala Games platform, marking a significant step forward in the Web3 mobile gaming industry.

The acquisition of Ember Entertainment will also benefit Gala Games’ new blockchain project GYRI, which will provide the underlying infrastructure for Ember’s games and use the $GALA token as gas. The value of the $GALA token has seen a significant increase following the recent collaboration with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mark Wahlberg for the GALA film. Additionally, Gala Games also announced that the $GALA token will now be used to power Town Star, and players will have the opportunity to exchange their $TOWN tokens for $GALA.

Ember Entertainment and Gala Games have had a productive partnership in the past, specifically in the development of The Walking Dead Empires blockchain game. With two games currently in development, Meow Match and Dragon Strike, this acquisition will bring an additional 15 new games to the Gala Games platform, in addition to other assets on GYRI. This is a positive start for Gala Games in 2023 and bodes well for a promising year for both Gala Games and the Web3 gaming industry.

The upcoming Gam3er’s Choice Awards 2023

Gamers, mark your calendars! The Gam3ers’ Choice Awards 2023 is here, and your vote matters. Voting is open until the end of January, and the winners in 18 categories across dozens of games will be announced. Register to vote for free, and don’t miss the livestream on January 31st at 6pm EST. There’s even a $1000 giveaway during the stream! Some of the categories include:

Game of the Year nominees: Illuvium, Blankos Block Party, Big Time, Undead Blocks, and

Most Anticipated game nominees: Shrapnel, Illuvium, Star Atlas, Deadrop, Treeverse.

Best Sports game nominees: SoRare, EdenBrawl, NFL Rivals, STG Football, Ruble Kongs.

To view all the nominees, categories, and registration information, click here.

The introduction of community governance as a new feature in Splinterlands

Splinterlands has announced a new feature in its community governance: an ad-hoc version of community proposals. This means that players can submit their proposals to the developers for consideration by paying a fee in DEC. Splinterlands is moving towards decentralization, and recently introduced in-game voting. To submit a proposal, a player must burn 100,000 DEC by sending them to a null address. This transaction is non-refundable, so only serious proposals will be considered. This feature may also lead to the creation of new Discord channels where the community can discuss and deliberate on community proposals.

Skyweaver’s exciting Hexbound Invasion expansion

The Hexbound Invasion expansion for Skyweaver will launch tomorrow, featuring 50 new cards, a new Skypass, and a new card ability. The lore behind this expansion involves an army of creatures inflicted with the Hexbound sickness, who are determined to unleash their wrath while others defend against it. Players will have many options for creating a strong deck of cards, as the expansion includes 10 new cards for each Prism. The expansion also introduces a new card ability, Slay, which occurs when a card damages and destroys enemy units. Additionally, players will experience the new battlepass system, the Skypass.

Pegaxy’s major advancements

Pegaxy is making a significant transition from a simulation game to a player-controlled game, allowing players to take control of their Pegas on the race track. This new gameplay is set to launch in Q1 of 2023 and is expected to be available to the public by the end of the quarter. However, as part of this transition, the game will be closing some features such as Web and Mobile racing, Ares, Stable management, and will also change the name of Pega.

Tiny Colony’s migration to ImmutableX

Games on the Solana blockchain network are migrating to ImmutableX, possibly due to the influence of FTX or ImmutableX’s performance. Tiny Colony is the latest company to make the move to ImmutableX, due to its scaling features while still maintaining trust in Ethereum’s security and decentralization. Before migrating, Tiny Colony was a top-selling NFT collection on Fractal, with over 18,000 NFTs sold, raising $3 million. On ImmutableX, Tiny Colony will offer new features such as 99% uptime, faster and more responsive gameplay, improved security and accessibility for new users, and a built-in crypto wallet. So, build your colony of ants in this pixelated fun game and own it on ImmutableX.

A new challenger entering the scene for Genshin Impact

Yeeha Games, a subsidiary of Bybit, has announced the launch of Oath of Peak, a potential competitor to Genshin Impact. The developers of this MMORPG game aim to become leaders in the Web3 games industry with Oath of Peak as their flagship project. The game is powered by the Polygon blockchain and has received over 500,000 pre-registrations. Its closed beta test was highly successful, receiving a lot of positive feedback. Additionally, the game will release 10,000 Primordial Spirit Beast NFTs at launch.

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