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The health and fitness industry has long been searching for ways to motivate people to get moving. While there are countless workout apps, gyms, and fitness studios available, the sedentary lifestyle of modern-day society has still left much to be desired. That’s where Walken comes in – a move-to-earn mobile app that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to incentivize movement.

Walken captures the step counts from your smart devices and rewards you with WLKN tokens, the native game currency. The app has released its roadmap, covering some of the important aspects of the game. While many move-to-earn games have a similar ecosystem, Walken is doing something differently. For one, they are introducing better localization support, adding seven additional languages. Additionally, 60 million tokens from the community pool reinvested into the M2E game, which is a game changer, bringing more value to the ecosystem.

The developers have more plans to bring more excitement and unique features to the move-to-earn market. In particular, the team is developing a new game featuring the CAThletes as a separate release. With the repetitive nature of a lot of move-to-earn games, it’s refreshing to see unique and engaging features being added to a game that is not yet out.

Mechanism of Ranking and Ambassador Program

Walken is planning to introduce a ranking system in the game to encourage player activity and achievement. This system will reward players for moving more, and seeing the progress of their peers will further motivate them. They are also adding a wheel of fortune to reward active players, which will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

In addition, Walken is taking steps to support local communities. Move-to-earn games can be expensive and difficult to understand, which can make them inaccessible. The Walken Ambassador program is helping local communities by offering a referral program and bonuses based on performance. Moreover, this initiative can engage a broader audience and encourage more people to participate in the game.


Walken intends to incorporate impressive economic statistics, which indicate the project’s expansion. The Walken team has reported that initially, iOS users represented a significant portion of the game’s traffic. However, as of August, Android users have increased dramatically and now make up the majority of users. It is estimated that over 7,000 new Android users are joining the game daily. Walken’s most extensive user base is currently in Russia, which accounts for a significant proportion of 20% of users. With the game’s growing popularity among a global audience, it is exciting to see how much more popular Walken will become.

Walken: Gameplay

In order to play the game, you must walk to upgrade your CAThlete. These gems can be used to upgrade your NFT characters. By improving your character’s stamina, speed, and strength, you will have a better chance of winning higher rewards in battles during the game. To begin playing, you just need to match yourself with an opponent and start walking. The more you walk, the more gems you can earn to upgrade your CAThlete.

What the Future Holds?

Walken’s roadmap promises a lot of exciting changes and upgrades, with regular updates being made since the open beta launch in June. The recent additions include staking, listing on top exchanges, ranking systems, fortune wheels, and app localizations. In October, the referral and ambassador programs will be introduced, along with other enhancements and partnerships.

Walken’s unique concept and growing popularity have the potential to revolutionize the move-to-earn market. The app’s use of blockchain technology to gamify a healthier lifestyle is a fresh take on a popular trend. The ability to reward users for simply moving, combined with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, has created a new market for fitness enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

Walken’s roadmap indicates exciting changes and enhancements in the near future. From the addition of staking and ranking systems to the localization of the app and the introduction of new games, it is clear that the developers are committed to keeping the app fresh and engaging for its users. The addition of an ambassador program and community support also shows a dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in the metaverse, which is often lacking in many move-to-earn games.

One of the biggest challenges of any gamified Web3 project is to balance fun gameplay with a financially viable ecosystem. However, Walken seems to be succeeding in this regard, as demonstrated by its growing user base and economic statistics.

While Walken is still a relatively new player in the move-to-earn market, it has already made significant strides in terms of innovation and user engagement. As more people become aware of the app’s potential to reward them for simply moving, it is likely that its popularity will continue to grow.

Walken: The Move-To-Earn Game that Rewards Your Health
Walken: The Move-To-Earn Game that Rewards Your Health

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