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The popular and highly-rated roguelike dungeon crawler game, Runestone Keeper by Cimu Games, is being brought to the Web3 platform using Ready Games‘ web3 game development tools. This marks a significant milestone in the transition of Web2 games to blockchain games in 2023.

Runestone Keeper, a million-selling game with an impressive 662 positive reviews on Steam, is now being brought to the Web3 platform. The game, which has already been available on Steam, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, and Android, is one of the first games to go live on Steam. Development of the Web3 version is underway and is expected to launch in late Q1 on PC, console, and mobile. This multi-platform game is unique as it is one of the first major projects transitioning from traditional games to the Web3.

Cimu Games and its Transition to Web3 

Cimu Games, a renowned game developer studio under Innoteg, is known for creating thrilling and entertaining mobile and console games. The studio and its team now see Web3 as the future of gaming and plan to focus on this area.

Cimu Games has chosen to utilize Ready’s multi-platform technology to integrate into the Web3 gaming industry. Their goal is to provide players with valuable in-game digital assets in Runestone Keeper, and to release future titles on the Ready platform. This move reflects Cimu Games’ commitment to the future of gaming and its belief in the potential of the Web3 ecosystem to revolutionize the games industry.

According to Cimu Games Marketing Director, Josh Furr, the company is excited to join the Ready family of web3 developers. Furr stated, “Our goal is not only to bring Runestone Keeper to Ready, but to reward players with valuable in-game assets and to release a variety of future games and titles on the platform.” This partnership with Ready is a testament to Cimu Games’ commitment to the future of gaming and the potential of the Web3 ecosystem to revolutionize the industry.

Ready Games welcomes Runestone Keeper on board

Ready Games is thrilled about Runestone Keeper’s decision to join the Web3 ecosystem. Runestone Keeper is a well-established game with a strong and dedicated community. Additionally, being a multiplatform game, Runestone Keeper will help expand the reach of Web3 games to traditional gamers around the world. This partnership with Cimu Games and the integration of Runestone Keeper into the Web3 gaming space is a significant step towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain-based games.

Christina Macedo, the COO of Ready Games, expressed her excitement about enabling multi-platform games to enter the web3 space. She said, “Runestone Keeper, with its great history and community, is the perfect game for us to partner with to launch our web3 gaming development tools across multiple platforms. Together, we can reach more gamers worldwide on PC, console, and mobile, and further innovate and expand the web3 gaming experience.” This partnership with Cimu Games and the integration of Runestone Keeper into web3 gaming represents a significant step towards mainstream adoption of blockchain-based games and the expansion of web3 gaming experience to more gamers worldwide.

Runestone Keeper is not the first game to join the Ready Games platform. Currently, there are already six games utilizing the platform’s services, and many more are expected to follow suit after the full release of Ready’s technology stack. This demonstrates the growing interest and adoption of web3 gaming, and the potential of Ready’s platform to support the development and mainstream adoption of blockchain-based games.

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Runestone Keeper

More about the Runestone Keeper

Runestone Keeper is a critically acclaimed game, having won SlideDb’s App of the Year in 2015 and receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Additionally, the game was released to great acclaim on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Its iOS version has also earned multiple accolades, including Best New Game, Best New Update, and Amazing Chinese Indie Game. This history of success and recognition is a testament to the game’s quality and popularity, making it an ideal candidate for the transition to web3 gaming.

Runestone Keeper will now be making its way to the web3 platform using Ready’s technology stack, and will be available on PC, mobile, and console. The game’s beta version for web3 is planned to be launched in March, with the full release expected to be available in Q2. This move to the web3 platform will provide players with valuable in-game digital assets and expand the reach of web3 games to traditional gamers around the world.

More About Cimu Games

Cimu Games is a game developer studio that creates high-quality games with a focus on making them multi-platform. Their games cater to both mid-core and hardcore players, with a rich experience of over 20 years in developing indie games, VR games, and AAA titles. The studio places a strong emphasis on originality and believes it to be the heart and soul of a game. With the understanding that Web3 is the future of gaming, Cimu Games plans to expand into this space and bring their expertise and experience to Web3 gaming.

More About Ready Games

Ready Games is a platform that offers benefits for both developers and gamers. It utilizes decentralized technology, shared ownership, blockchain technology, cross-game utilities, and NFT-based UGC to provide a unique experience for game developers, players, and content creators. The platform aims to have one million Web3 players by the end of Q1 2023. It also offers mobile-friendly design tools and a storefront for monetizing creations that are interoperable across different games on the same ecosystem. Ready Games is committed to creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the Web3 gaming community.

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