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The Trident Risk to Earn Approach in Blockchain Gaming: Will It Bring a Change?

Trident ecosystem with its three challenging free-to-play blockchain games brings a new economic approach; Risk to Earn. The team at Geyser Forge Studios created Trident, a Free-to-Play blockchain game with the goal to cater two things. First, the crypto industry, and second the conventional gaming industry. Their GameFi Structure, called Risk-to-Earn (R2E), aims to address the major issues they have identified in web3 crypto gaming. It allows players to bet tokens on in-game matches, providing a solution to these issues.

As of the second week of February 2023, Trident is building a steady fanbase. It has registered 5,000 player accounts, with over 6,800 members on its Discord server. And more than 10,600 followers on its Twitter account. Moreover, the game originally launched in March 2022, but it has since been relaunched on the Arbitrum One Chain as of February 1, 2023.

PSI Token and Trident Economic System

Within the month of February 2023, Trident plans to launch their OasisSwap DEX. This decentralized exchange, designed to prioritize the community, was developed to provide liquidity pool (LP) contributors with a share of the protocol’s revenue. OasisSwap will offer a tiered LP fee-sharing system, which will be based on the amount of PSI staked by users.

What is Risk to Earn?

To address the issues they have identified in the web3 gaming industry, Trident has introduced the concept of “Risk-to-Earn” (R2E). They believe it will provide a solution to the tokenomic problem of the P2E model. The problem is evident in both Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free-to-Earn games. Moreover, the team aims to attract players who are willing to focus on the game itself. Rather than just those who are solely focused on making money as a job from playing, which is a common phenomenon in the P2E sector.

Many Web3 games present significant barriers to entry, requiring players to make an initial payment to participate. This requirement is often in the form of purchasing NFTs to gain access to the game. As the game’s popularity increases, the value of these NFTs also tends to increase, making it even more expensive for new players to join.

Trident overcomes this problem by offering a Free-to-Play model. It will enable players to join and start playing in the Trident ecosystem without the need to make any purchases. However, players are required to connect their wallets to participate, and Trident currently supports MetaMask and Coinbase, while for other wallets, the WalletConnect modal must be used.

How Risk to Earn Brings a Solution?

Risk-to-Earn (R2E) is a zero-sum game meaning only one of the two will earn. Players enter into bets (Risk-to-Earn contracts) against each other in games hosted on Trident’s platform. A small transaction fee is levied on the amounts wagered, which goes into the Trident Treasury. It will finance the operation and growth of the Trident ecosystem – paying for salaries, server expenses, game development, and so on. The remaining amount constitutes the prize money, which the winner receives.

In R2E, the winner takes the entire pot, and the loser forfeits all the money wagered. Thus, players do not earn tokens from playing in Trident, and there is no increase in the token supply generated solely by participating in the game. Some argue that R2E is essentially gambling. However, Trident contends that it is a skill-based game where players compete against each other, and the better player prevails.

Trident Ecosystem and Blockchain Games

Trident MMO is the first one in the Trident ecosystem. According to the roadmap, the pre-Alpha version of the Trident Massively Multiplayer Online game (“Trident MMO”) is currently under development and is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023. The game will feature a procedurally generated universe with various planets for players to explore. Players can engage in bounties and chase each other through different planets, with the opportunity to take equipment off players they defeat.

The Trident Ecosystem also offers a super grinding and challenging game; Trial of the Trident. Finally, the last one is a pet mini game; Spirit Duel.

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