Twitch will issue permanent suspensions to abusers

Twitch will issue permanent suspensions to abusers

Twitch revealed this week it will be handing out permanent suspensions amid the latest wave of abuse allegations. Investigation is ongoing as Twitch takes additional steps to combat abuse and hate within its communities.

“We are reviewing each case that has come to light as quickly as possible, while ensuring appropriate due diligence as we assess these serious allegations,” said Twitch in a blog post.

Twitch is acting against abusers
Twitch is acting against abusers

The video streaming platform said it is prioritising the most severe cases, and will issue suspension in-line with its findings.

As many of the accusations are of a criminal nature and took place off the platform, the company said it will report to relevant authorities. Users wishing to share information on a streamer can do so anonymously through their channel page.

Twitch is also taking a number of steps to combat harassment on its platform, including a review of its Hateful Conduct and Harassment policies, enhancing its offensive username detection, and making improvements to AutoMod and the Banned Word list.

“Those who have come forward have shown incredible strength, vulnerability, and bravery,” they said.

“We acknowledge that we can’t singlehandedly tackle pervasive issues across the gaming and broader internet communities, but we take our responsibility as a service for our community seriously.

“We will continue to assess accusations against people affiliated with the company and explore ways we can collaborate with other industry leaders on this important issue.”

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