PS5 Initial Market Feedback

PS5 Initial Market Feedback

I know some of you have loved it and god damn it, some of you did hate it. PS5 has a polarized design that created polarized views. PS5 showcase gave people a lot to talk about, including game developers. Fans as well as developers both were pretty hyped up.

Some of the developers had a lot to say, Remedy Games took to the Twitter and addressed their fans that they are excited and will be
coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Others like Insomniac Games announced their release of new SpiderMan game starring Miles Morales to be released this winter on PS5. After the hardware showcasing of PS5, many game developers were excited and inspired to work even faster. An incredible lineup of games was put forward by the developers at the event, pushing the bar and making the future wilder.

PS5, Playstation 5 is coming in 2020
Playstation 5 is coming in 2020

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeny has said extremely positive things about Sony’s next-gen console, most specifically praising the SSD and how fast the PS5 will be when compared to PS4. John Carmack, a legend in the gaming industry, was super excited. He said, “Being able to load GPU formatted data directly into GPU memory from an SSD is a big deal. This is the exact reason why Sony went all in with the SSD.

Well, fans and PS enthusiasts had a lot to say about the PS5 design and took to the internet as soon as the showcase ended. Some shared their disapproval of the design and color, some outrightly rejected it saying, ‘it’s hideous.’ A lot of hilarious memes and jokes were made and published on the internet; some compared the design with a sandwich, some pasted the console on Donald Duck’s face, some put a white binder around PS2 and made it looked like PS5. And some joked and said it is like a stormtrooper
made love to a deco lamp.

But the point here is, if the fans hated the PS5 appearance, they would have been pretty vocal about it rather than just simply making memes and jokes. I believe that PS5 will provide for excellent gaming experience and its design is neat. What’s your opinion?

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